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International, no insurance

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Hi,  I'm new to this site.   A close relative was just diagnosed with diffuse large B cell CNS lymphoma.    She was visiting from China, has no insurance here, and as you can guess, out-of-pocket costs are very high.   They have to pay up front for future chemo treatments, the next one should be in a week, with at least 7 more to go.   I am looking into high quality cancer treatment centers in Asia.   I'm guessing out-of-pocket expenses would be cheaper overseas.   She can't travel yet but maybe with one or two more treatments here in the US she will be strong enough to travel elsewhere for more treatment.   Does anyone have any recommendations for good Asian cancer treatment centers?   The three I'm looking at are the Guangzhou Yu Hao Hospital, oncology department, the Sun Yat-Sen cancer center in Guangzhou (don't know whether these two are the same) and the National Cancer Center, Singapore.   Their insurance wouldn't cover costs in any of these places, but perhaps the out-of-pocket expenses would be less than here and the quality still good.    Does anyone have any experience with overseas cancer treatment or any ideas about where else to post this question?   I would appreciate any thoughts.  Thanks.



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I don't have an answer, but why not call the American Cancer Society and see whether they can help.



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I don't know much about hospitals in Asia but there are several in Mexico, some right on the border. They are considerably less expensive or so I am told. CNS Lymphoma is very serious business. Try to get the move set up ASAP.  Best of luck.

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