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Don't Understand , and Can't win

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I am not having no luck with my CEA level. March it was a 3 then it went up to a 13. I went for a cat scan, PET scan, MRI since march, (MRI WAS 4 weeks ago) And nothing it's was all clear. On May 29 I got my CEA level checked. And still it's riseing I now an at a 53. This is the highest I ever been. They r sending me for another cat scan on the 18th. I am super scared now. I don't understan because I feel super good.


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Why don't you just ignore the CEA? I do.


Best of health,




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My Onc isn't thrilled at how many of her patients focus on their CEA so much. While I sort of watch mine, I don't wait to see it all the time. I sometimes refer to it as Can't Explain Anything since it's often not the most accurate indicator of trouble... As Ann asked, has it been an accurate indicator of potential trouble in the past? 

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Yes it had been an accurate indicator for me. And my has alway under 30.  30 was the highest it went that when they found my cancer. And everytime it goes up I usually have an Infection or a met. So 53 is really high for me. My Doctor always use's my cea levels.


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I know for some people, it's really not indicative of what's going on with the cancer.  What was it when you were first dx'ed?

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I know the feeling...my CEA in the beginning climbed up to almost 150 before they could clearly identify a lesion on the liver.

Hang in there and try to be patient with your body.


P.S.  Try not to worry too much since it only makes thing harder.

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so after 10 months of rises, cea 81 and then pet litup showing lund, liver, perionean mets.

if chemo aint working, try other therapies, asap removab, tace, chemo.

immunotherapies work best on less disease, goodluck, pm me if you got questions . 



ps i wish i never waited so long

an anguo ct or mri primosvist may show the met. the rgcc molecular test can indicate tissue of irigin of ctc

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Hugs and prayers my friend.

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Nana b
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Bralee, I am in the same boat and my CEA went upward as the pace you describe with clear scans.  I have a scan on the 18th too...    


Here's to you and me!  I will be thinking about you!    

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Prayer sent your way!!


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I'm right with you on this one. 

seems like we had 15-16 months of the CEA declining... and the past few months the increases in CEA level along with the addition of a few more mets seem to coincide for me.

Keep the faith and keep fighting!

we're all fightin' with you.



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They find the reason soon.  A few others have the same thing going on, a rise in CEA and nothing showing.  For me, when my CEA went up to 8 then 13 more mets showed up in the CT Scan, then before surgery after chemo they did a CT/PT Scan and it showed three tumors shrunk but still there in liver, when they did the liver resection they found a fourth tumor that was hiding as they put it, never showed up on any of the scans.  Which sucks, I thought the scans were better then that.

Fingers crossed that soon something shows that they can attack or CEA level starts to go down. Thinking of you and remember it can't be super bad if nothing is showing up, maybe just one little rogue hiding about somewhere that will eventually show himself.

Winter Marie

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