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Back pain after liver resection?

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Nana b
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I get this bach pain on my right side when I lye down.  It penetrates through and I have to move. My ONC says because it's not constant it's probably scar tissue from my liver reaction.   Any one else get this pain after a liver resection and NED?  I I now back pain is a sign of liver mets. Thanks. 

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

I did find this.  Good info. 





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I don't have any helpful information about possible causes of your back pain but I was very excited to see your posting on here. Hope all is well and that you continue to be NED.


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Thanks.  I'm getting a scan in a couple weeks, should know soon...

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I don't have words of advice, but I just wanted to say hi and to wish you well on your scans.



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Yep, I get this....hurts pretty good.

I've got associated pain in the liver area and it wraps around.  And also in the lung when I lay down, it spasms and hurts until it settles down.  It used to be about 30-minutes every night of intense pain with wave upon wave.  Resisting or tightening up actually made it worse.

So, I just let go and relaxand let the pain happen until it calmed down....still happens every night...and seems to be exasperated by laying with your head flat, instead of a slight incline, don't know why that is. 

Last six-months have had terrific lower back pain (where the rads were) and at times, it can be very debilitating, especially with any type of physical work or lifting objects. 

I'm not sure if something is fractured down there and can't be seen....or there is some kind of compression or what.....scans have revealed nothing to date.

Perhaps, next week I can inquire if anything can be seen.

Funny you mention back pain with liver mets.....that is the spot in question that we're watching as well. 

I don't think ours is the same thing.....feel my stuff is collateral damage from surgeries and radiation. 

Pain pills don't alleviate any of the symptoms for me. 

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