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what's the next step after first line treatment?

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The doctor I see for chemo hasn't explained what follows the last treatment. I have lc 3a and all he's said is to 'keep up with your mammograms and you should be good,' then he left the exam room. Forgive me for being dense but what in Hell do mammograms have to do with LUNG CANCER?

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Do you have another appointment with him?  Sounds like some questions need to be answered.  I'd call him or make an appointment..  Sounds like you just got left hanging in the wind.  Make a list of questions and make the Dr answer each and every one.  It's your LIFE ! !


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Based on my experience, what would normally happen next, unless they have you on maintenance chemo, which seems unlikely for 3A, would be CT scans every three months and watchful waiting. The scans would eventually be backed off to six months and a year if everything is stable.

Why he would mention mammograms in connection with LC is beyind me.

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Thank you. Haven't heard anything about scans.

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Almost sounds like he has you confused with another patient who had breast cancer.  I would def go back and ask questions.

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I have to agree with Kate.  Get a copy of that report and contact the practices business management and register a complaint.  

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