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PINK bus-trip was great today

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Arrived for Mammo (same floor at Cancer Ctr) then to surgeon-ALL GOOD...go back in 6 mths. (Nov breast surgery on same side as cancer-ONLY scar tissue as I have posted before)

Dr suggested and gave me referal to plastic surgeon since my breast turns down. NOT sure how I feel about that! HE said I could do fat removal from other area in inject to breast to round or lift it. HE said even now insurance will cover for lumpectomy.



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Wonderful news Denise!  Congrats!  The fat removal sounds really interesting.  How does it work?


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Great to hear you got the all clear!!! I am happy things turned out so well for you.


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I'mm doing a happy dance for you.

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Thanks all...good time on the bus..and better time on way home with good news..


Fat removal from one part of body-spun and fat removed and cells INJECTED to breast to shapen it...I asked if painful-he just said need to remove and put in...



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