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Chemo round 2 today

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Hi all...its 3am and I cant sleep. I think I'm more nervous an anxious and scared for round 2 than I was for round 1. I've woken up 2 and this is my 3rd time, I'm waking up with anxiety, sweats like crazy. I decided to get up and make a hot cup of ginger lemon tea and my pillow to see if maybe I can calm down enough to lie on the sofa and sleep for just a little while longer until I have to get up and prepare myself for chemo at 8 am.


Writing makes me tired as well as reading so I hope my concotion works, hot organic tea, my laptop and a nice fluffy pillow will do the trick for at least a couple hours. I want to make homemade blueberry muffins to bring to the hospital center with me to share with all the people there getting their infusions so I must get a little more sleep. Im sure I will sleep some there as well since my chemo takes up most of the day.


Has anyone had similiar feelings like I mentioned with their second round of chemo ? What worked for you? Share some of your antidotes with me.



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Hi Lisa,

I hope you got some sleep and I will be sending lots of good thoughts your way.  I think it's pretty normal to be anxious at this point, you've now had a treatment and so have a better idea of what is involved so it can give you more specific worries (I think).  What worked for me was telling myself that with each round I was getting closer to the end of treatment, i.e. "ok I've done the first dose, I never have to do that one again" and so on and it felt really good when I had more doses done than remaining.  I also found it helpful to just acccept that I was going to feel crappy for several days after each treatment (everyone is different) and I didn't fight it or spend time being upset about the symptoms, just tried to ride them out knowing that they would start to go away after the chemo peaked in my system.  I don't know if this will help but I wish you the best and can say that chemo eventually ends and things do get better.  Hang in there!


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Hi Lisa,

I'm a day late, but hope round 2 is going OK.  If you are having specific crappiness feeling (such as pain, or nausea, constipation, etc) be sure to talk to your oncologist, because there are meds out there that can help with most anything.  Make sure you are not suffering for no reason!!

Wishing you the best!!



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I did not have chemo so I have to suggestios ro advice..Just wanted to say thinking of you.



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Praying that this Chemo Tx for you is going well and the side efect symptoms are slight to minimal.

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Lisa, Are you taking steroids with your treatment?  For the 3 days that I get the steroids, I take ambien-otherwise no sleep at all.  The energy is actually kind of nice during the DAY and I get a lot done...Lol.  But I don't much care for the wide awake nights.


Maybe you can ask for something to help you sleep?


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The days I had the two steroid pills to take, my med people told me to take the second pill by mid-afternoon so that they would not affect my sleep.  That worked.

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