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Another success story !

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I am now a survivor from this terrible cancer. Thank you all for all the support and prayers, They were heard & answered. I had a 3.4 cm. cancerous tumor on my lower left back side of my kidney, They went through my back. I had four holes, I had the di vinchi robotic operation done at the VA hospital in long beach CA on friday May 31st, I spent 5 days in the hospital, 3 were in the ICU. I was released last night and it felt so good to finally come home and sleep in my own bed again. It"s the little things that matter a whole lot. The first 3 days was morphine every 3 hours, Then finally they removed the thing so I could pee on my own, Then slowly started to eat solid foods again, My stomach kept rumbling, So being able to go to the bathroom, eat, and walk, were big steps for me. I go pretty slow right now, but every day things are getting better ! 

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Excellent news Keith.  Now, keep on walking but don't run before you can walk!!

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Hi Keith,

Your initiation is complete, now that wasn't so bad was it?  Yeah right!  Slow and steady wins, work on blending several short walks into one longer one and then gradually quicken the pace, you'll be surprised how quickly you feel better mentally as well as physically.  Its also important to remember to drink plenty of water, its essential to all bodily functions and healing.  In a few days you'll be feeling much better, years from now you'll be talking the day they used an antique robot to do your surgery.

Hang in there,


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Talking about antiques, Gary, you haven't treated us to any recent jokes about iceman having had his op performed by da Vinci in person!  Laughing

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You are now officially a Beanie Brother :-) good to hear it went well.

All over and done with. Take your time to recuberate and get back on your feet. Gods speed to you.


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We knew you'd do well; convincing you was the only tough part. Congratulations on coming through a winner!!!

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Galrim, Gary, everybody, get the goat ready.  A trip to the West Coast is now in order!  Laughing

Nice job Keith!  Way to show em how to face down RCC surgery!

Take your time now! I'm 3 and half weeks post op and I still slam into the metaphorical wall several times a day.  Naps!  Lots of naps!  Always a good thing!



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oh keith that is great news...i am so glad you are out the other side of it now....onwards and upwards xxxxx

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