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Vocal Chord Paralysis

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Larry really has done pretty well this week as far as moving forward with strength and endurance. His mood is beginning to change for the better...a wee bit. He went for another dilation on Monday and the surgeon tried but there was no resistance and no strictures. He still loses his voice and ability to swallow even his saliva about 6 times a day. Each episode lasts 2-3 hours. Dr Orringer says that he has vocal chord paralysis. specialists will not address this issue for 6 months post op as sometimes it resolves on its own. Therefore Larry is back to soft foods, mainly pastas with no meat. All other food tends to make the vocal chords stick. The blood clots in the lung have resolved and they believe the fluid in the lungs is due to his saliva going down the wrong track occasionally. If it gets any worse or he has more difficulty breathing the surgeon will demand visit with specialist. Unfortunately breathing difficulties with this paralysis would be treated with a tracheostomy. I found exercises online they are recommended for this and Larry has started doing them. I am certain, (positve energy), thaat this will resolve on its own. The man has been through enough.

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All the best to you.

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Stay positive and keep researching new ways to try. My thoughts are with you both and keep us updated on how he does.


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Tina Blondek
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Hi and Congratulations on your success so far! You have to take the bad with the good. One day at a time! Keep up with the research. The more you know, the

better! Keep us posted. We are thinking and praying for you both.

Tina in Va

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I lost my l/s and never regained it after they removed the stage 3 tumor on my larynx, i wish you the best, i went threw the trach 2 twice and had a bad doctor screw me up and missed teh tumor and put in an implant, he cut into..after evern a probe job, and biopsy, he still missed it....Today afer 35 rads, 3 chemos, and a trach, hyperberic chamber, i am totally disable, I work 2 days a week and thats it, it's hard to adjust. but to me the breath has to be addressed differently then before, no more running, singing, that could have been a plus.lol, I run short of air until my body catches back up. i weighed the plus and negatives on the trach,  fought it and have to take it easier than some with, but Phscyologically  i could'nt handle it larry, it fell out, cleaning and i was at the point of covering it up, i have had it out 3 years, but told them to let me go next time instead of putting it back in. sounds rough, but the choice i had to make...I am doing ok, I can only pick up may 10lbs...the larnyx never came back, so i talk like a 80 year old bar maid....rough, but no mechanically devices, thank you... to  those who had to go the route, we do what makes our  life easiser after dealing with cancer, I hated it, and feel for others..I hope you rebound to your potential, give it time, and you sound like you have a good support partner...My wife wife could'nt

 deal with it and divorced me, which has just been settled...Best to you Dennis

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have you heard of laryngealplasty where they insert a block against the bad vocal cord to push it towards the one not paralyzed. I had leftsided vocal cord paralysis and they tried to fix it but it didn't work but for some people it works. Sometimes people get their voice back but not if vocal cord is cut or badly paralyzed. I also had lung issues and choking etc even a year after surgery some of that was helped but my block did not get pushed over enough and didn't want anymore surgery on my throat. But there have been a lot of people getting relief and also there are injections you can get there too but I would wait a little longer. It is frustrating with the spitting and choking, I was doing that 10 months after surgery or more. Many of us still choke years later and aspirate etc, but we are all glad to be here and glad to have survived. Good luck!!!




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Thinking about you guys often, I hope things continue to improve for Larry. Your right, he has been through enough.  Your an angel for all that you do :)!!

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