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Has/Is anyone on here taken/taking Xeloda? I would love to hear about it.

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I am kinda new to this site and I am looking for other's experience with Xeloda chemo pills. I have taken it five weeks (on a week and off a week, so total of ten weeks). 

New Flower
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I did for 8 months and was doing very well. I will write my tips and suggestions later as I am currentely having side effects with other drugs.

For Xeloda Please drink a lot, 1/2 gallon extra


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Yes i was on Xeloda for 3 months but unfortunately it did not stop my recurrent breast cancer from spreading.  I am a bit of a freak i guess.  My original diagmosis i was TN. Three and a half years later it recurred in my lymph nodes and it was HER2 positive, (my onco never told me, it was my rad onco who gave me the news.) Now the cancer is on my skin, YES breast cancer on the skin.  Make sure you ask alot of questions and always ask to SEE your test reports.

As far as side effects from the Xeloda the only thing was dry skin and believe it or not skin thickening on my feet.


I hope you do well.  I have heard that many people can go years on Xeloda. GOD BLESS.  Cathy K


PS.  Anyone else out there with breast cancer metastasis to the skin (skin mets) please contact me.  Supposedly not a lot of us around, very rare?

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