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Diagnosed: April 2012 stage 3c. Ovarian or PPC, doctors are not sure where it started.

Treatment: Debulking, followed by 6 rounds of carbo\taxol by I\V. Then 4 rounds of cisplatin by I\P along with 4 more rounds of taxol by I\V. I've been on Avastin as a maintance drug since Dec. 2012.

Current status: CA-125 started out at 171, and has contiued to drop while being on the Avastin. Down to 16.6 this week. My doctor does not like to use the phrase NED or remission for Ovarian cancer, but refers to my condition as being stable. 

Remember this, LIVE EVERY DAY LIKE IT'S YOUR LAST, BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU WILL BE RIGHT. So go out there today, and be the best person you can be, and enjoy everything life has to offer. And let tomorrow take care of itself.

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