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Still NO Treatment Plan

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It's been over 2 months since I was diagnosed.  2 lumpectomies followed by both incisions being reopened to get good margins.  Today was to be the day I finally got a tx plan.  I've been a wreck with all the waiting.  Saw onco this morning and was told the Oncotype test results were not in yet.  So it will be another week before I find out if it's to be just radiation or chemo and radiation.

If the results are not in next week I want to tell him to go ahead with chemo, take them both off, or just shoot me in the head.  I would rather have bad news than no news.  Bad news or really bad (there is no good news) I could begin making peace with it.  No news I'm still waiting for the unknown. There is no peace.

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sorry to hear you are doing the waiting game that is the pits for sure. TO us it is very very urgent but to the Drs and medical professionals-the wait is not the same.


I HOPE you hear something soon-if not if you insurance would cover 2nd opinion I would do that.



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It's not the doctors fault. It's the lab in CA that does tthe Oncotype test.  You are right, to us it is urgent, to the labs it's same stuff, different day.

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Sorry coco.  I know how hard it is to wait.  Next week you will know and then you can hopefully feel better.  We're here waiting with you.

Hugs, Angie

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There have been so many ups and down. Tentative tx plan, only to have possibilities for tx change.  Different test results due, and not coming in for (to me) a terribly long time. It's been over a month since my last surgery.

I can't get my hopes up again. I have an appt next Tues, but expect nothing. I'm losing hope and confidence with everyone.  All I do is cry and worry.

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Hello, I understand, the waiting was awful for me me also.  But, I also know that these tests go to a specialty lab so it does take longer to get the results then it would for more routine tests. Hang in there it will all come together for you.   Kathy

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I hope you find your "peace" soon. I know that each moment feels like a lifetime.

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