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Well.......tomorrow is my CT scan. I was diagnosed in July 09; stage 4 with mets to liver. Liver Resection in April 2010.......so far so good. I am a nervous wreck and it will be a long day. I pray that this awful disease will be cured one day and that people will not have to be faced with the problems linked with it. This board has changed so much since I first joined in 2009. Not a lot of the people from then left. Very sad!


I was treated with the Therasheres which I really feel has gotten me to this point.

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I still remember you....I'm from '09 too:)

One of my first 'patients' here was ITAPP (Patty).....she was doing Sir Spheres and things did not go well for her and she subsequently passed away back then. 

I remember trying to encourage her with your story of Theraspheres and how well you had responded.

I'm so glad that you are still here and doing quite well.  And I hope that the scan results will continue to validate your story.  No doubt that the procedure did help you reach where you are at. 

Good, good, good luck!!!


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Keep us updated and thanks for checking in.

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Wishing the best outcome and clean scan for tomorrow.  It's been awhile since you have posted, so I'm glad you are doing good and thank you for the update.


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