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Just checking in

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Good morning, I have not posted much at all as still getting settled in from my move from STL to Austin Tx. I'm sitting at the treatment center waiting for my bloodwork to come back so I can hopefully start my second seventy three week dose of Taxotere. I have my next scan coming on June 21 or June 24. 21 is my B Day and hopefully the drug is working. I'm trying to get used to side effects I've never had to go through before, such as dangerously low blood counts and now losing my hair. I will start on Neulasta every next day after the Taxotere and the hair loss is kind of a non issue as I have shaved my head for almost 20 years. To had to shave off my goatee as it was thinning and its just a matter of time before the eyebrows and everything else goes. I'm struggling with this as this will be the first time anyone would look at me and then know I'm sick. 

I hope things are going well faith all of you.



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Austin always looks like a great place to live..., hopefully you'll be able to get out and about some...

I had Taxotere as well.., and Neulasta... Only thing I can say concerning the Neulasta (other than it works), is that myself and a few had some bone pain (or ache) for a day or so after the first dose... Kind of like a bad flu ache in the bones, back, legs, etc... But it was only the worse the first injection, the next two were small.. It wasn't like major put you down ache, just a flu like ache...

Anyways, prayers for many more birthdays bro...


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John, do the give the shot into the bone, or the pain in the bones was just the side effect of the drug?

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Nice to see your  post and knowing you are hanging in there.  I guess loosing head hair on a man who always shaved it will be unnoticed, as for the facial hair, likely no big deal.  I lost all my hair and facial hair which I always had  a beard and mustache since age 18, my hair grew back but the facial hair seems to be a lost cause for now I get the start of facial hair but only above the jaw line and not much so I just shave it and now I live with the clean shaven look.  Hope things continue to go your way your one heck of a fighter. 

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No, if I remember correctly just a routine injection in the arm I believe...

I got it on Monday (week 2) of the 3 week cycle...

I just remember about Tuesday or Wednesday evening sitting at the table doing computer work. My lower back started aching..., then it just progressed to my thigh bones, and an overall body ache.

Again, I just wanted to let you know..., it's not anything that keeps you from doing much. But for me I just felt like the flu for a day or so. Kinda crappy, achy, no real motivation to do much other than vegitate...

I can't remember if I got it second round, or if so a much weaker version.., and I think nothing on the 3rd.

I just remember some others at the center that went through the same thing....

I know others here had them also, can't remember if they had the same reaction or not.

I know my blood counts were probably in the 3's the week before, and something like 12 the week after...

I just remember that becasue it was such a big swing... Later they got below 2, can't remember the Neulasta effect on those.


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I've been wondering also about you.  It sounds like things are moving in a positive manner.  I think when we look in the mirror we see ourselves a bit differently then others.  I know what you mean though by people knowing you're sick.  I continue the prayers and positive thoughts Mike.  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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Hi Mike,

I had Nuelasta injections the Monday after my treatments , I had read about the aches pains flu like symptoms that could show up , I spoke to my onco nurse she told me to take 1 aleve and 1 Claritin the morning of the injection and the same the day after...didn't have any of those symptoms ...but wed after the first injection  I got a fever that sent me to the hospital ..was neutropenic because white blood cells lows very low. Spent 2 stays in Hosp on antibiotics...after that every thing ok with the next 2 injections.

I never minded my hair loss until I lost my eyebrows and lashes during radiation , prior to that they were the only hair I had.


hope all goes well with your next round of treatment.

Blessings ,



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I wondered about your move, I hope your new place is nice.

Good luck on this next round of treatments, I know you have the guts and strength to persevere.

Hang in there, best of luck.


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Great to hear from you! I'm sure you aren't missing our STL weather. Friday, we just finished crab leg buffet up at Hollywood and went out to get our car. The sirens were going off and they were shutting down valet but brought our Explorer as one of the last. We didn't get out the drive and it felt like someone turned a fire hose on us sideways. No choice but everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Thought the truck was going over as 2 wheels kept lifting off the ground. Just time to think about moving my driver's license to my pocket so they would know who I was when they found me and to think I survived cancer and now was going to go in a tornado. By the grace of God, we were kept safe. Thought I'd share just in case you were a tad homesick. Happy trails in Texas!


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jim and i
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Good to hear from you. Hope the fight shows a great birthday present for you. Keep us posted. You are in my prayers.


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I'm always glad to hear your updates.  So....you've gotten moved and now you're in Austin!  Don't worry about people knowing you're sick simply by removing a goatee.....hell it only covers your chin....only YOU will notice a difference, really!

My Oncologist told me about Clariton for the bone aches from Neulasta.....supposedly works like a charm.  I never got them, so never needed to use it.....you might not need anything either.



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If I remember correctly, besides shaving your head I thought you were shaving your legs too (never figured that one out??). 

Hey, you had better call me when you come thru town this summer!  Looking forward to seeing you!

Good mojo and positive thoughts, fellow north countian!





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Hi Mike,

Glad to hear your move went well and you're settled in Austin. My son was just there on his way to the West coast. Great town. I've been there several times. Good to hear you're getting on with treatment. I've been sporting the Mr. Clean look for the last 13 years myself. Don't sweat it. The only way you'll "look" sick is if you lose a ton of weight. From the looks of you, you'll be ok.

Positive thoughts and prayers


PS... Happy B Day!

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Great to see a post from you .......!!  Keep us updated and you know I just gotta say it "whispered a prayer these treatments do the job" !!!!  :)



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D Lewis
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Hope Austin treats you well, my friend.


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Glad to see your post.  I think of you every once in a while and say a little prayer.  It sounds like Austin is good.  Lots of good music.  My college roommate lives there and she and her husband are constantly going to hear good music.  I live in Houston ..so am close by.  We are going to Fredricksburg soon.  I love the hill country.


Keep working out and enjoying life!.  I am going to a gym today.  I have not worked out in years and mu husband and I decided to start this weekend.  With my elder son going off to college we should have more time.



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