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Scared of every test

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Every time I have a test or a pain I am afraid the cancer has spread.  I was diagnosed in March with Triple Negative  and am just finished up with my 4th AC chemo and start Taxol next Monday.  Today I had a ultrasound because I have spotting and the gynecologist wanted to look at the uterus and ovaries.  The tech spent more time on the left ovary and then left the room saying that she needed to see if that was enough to compare with the CT scan that I had in April (which didn't show anything in the ovaries or uterus), the PET scan in April was clean Except for the breast.  My question and comment is... I am so scared this is spreading even with the chemo.  I worry about every ache and every test.  I am so scared...

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i understand what your saying.  everytime i feel a pain or ache i think the exact same thing.  i was dx in april as well and i honestly think its just being newly diagnosed that has caused us to be hyper vigilant.  sounds as if your doctor is on top of your concern though if he/she is ordering pet scans and ultrasounds.  let them do their job,  yours is to stay educated and stay on top of your treatment.  im sure that there are other members that can give you advise on handling the stress of it all.   my prayers are with you.

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Listen I totally understand! I have TNBC as well. I panicked when chemo ended...... 

Let's see....I panicked when I got diagnosed...I panicked when I was told TNBC.....I panicked when I had my surgery .....I panicked when I had to have chemo....so this entire trip put me in a panic state! (Notice I said trip not journey. Journey is life, trips are the experiences we have during it and I expect this cancer trip to be a short one!)

So I decided to combat my emotions by being proactive. I thought to myself, you are what you eat...so I decided to study and I became a certified health counselor. By doing this I was able to understand more about how the body works and what foods, vitamins & minerals heal, kill cancer and build up our immune system.

Cancer is an autoimmune disease....just like many others. We as TNBC survivors do not take any pills after chemo and that makes us worry even more so take the strong approach.....build your immune system up as much as you can and help your own body fight against anything!

Cancer or even a cold!!!!

When I go for any tests I go with confidence and curiiosity not fear cause I know it works and it has! My bloodwork is perfect and my tumor markers are the low end of normal range. My Oncologist said he is shocked at how well my body took the "DOSE DENSE" chemo.

I am always in the chat room if you want to ask me any questions.

Please don't worry.....I know, "Easy for you to say!" right??? No it's not but I will tell you this as time goes by you will feel better about this and will be helping others handle it....and you will also be very conscious of what you put in, on and around your body!!!



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Welcome to a nice place to vent!  Patrice is right in all that she has written.  I'm not a TNBC person, but no matter the type bc, we worry and worry more. My type does require Tamoxifen, and I think about all of the side effects it may be causing to my organs.  People who have never been in my shoes always say to put it behind me and move forward.  Easier said than done.  I'm one year out, so maybe in time.  You are very normal!  Please come here to discuss concerns or ask questions.  Someone always comes along to explain things they've gone through.  Hugs, Linda

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I have bought a juicer and a huge dehydrator since diagnosed. I agree, we are what we put in and on our bodies. I am also dry brushing nightly. Thanks for your input! It is nice to talk to someone else who is TNBC!

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Your feelings are normal.  But do kkep in mind that anxiety/depression are much more common in cancer survivors. 

If you feel overwhelmed, ask your oncologist for an antianxiety med that is compatible with your treatment.

I knew I was overwhelmed and my onc added a little lexapro.  It has really helped me cope.

Good luck!

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