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Good PET

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Good news on my PET scan last Wed.  I'll recap a little for the new folks. I've had stage IVb colon CA met to the liver. a lymph node close to the aorta and a lymph node close to the tracheal branch (carini) since Sep 2008. I went through 3 1/2 yrs of Folfiri/5FU, 6 mo of Folfox/5FU (that didn't work well). I was doing fine keeping most lesions at low to minimal growth with some lesions calcified but new ones forming in the liver. I was maintaining at an even steady rate of good vs bad. After the Folfox, which caused peripheral neuropathies, we switched to Erbitux which has only been out for 2-3 years, my response rate was very good although my CEA didn't show positive changes (82 then 41, then 60, now today 62).  Now after my 100th total cycles of chemo only 11 of which have been Erbitux/Irinotecan, My PET Scan Radiologist reports that all the lesions including the lymph nodes are no longer active except for one in the liver that is smaller and less active than before.

I had read good things about Erbitux and it looks like it is working for me.  I little rough at the beginning with acne and rash all over my body, but we got that under control with Minocycline, Atarax, and prednisone. Prednisone is a bummer but my doc reduced the dose and I can tolerate it now. No pump to go home on, weekly infusions now instead of biweekly on the folfifi and folfox.  I'm very encouraged by the results although I do fatigue easier now, but fatigue recovers after a short rest. I'm blessed without the Krass mutation which negates the use of Erbitux. Kudos to Erbitux. Every day is a blessing, but this one has been really special.

Keep the faith, Scubadan

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Excellent...congrats and thank you for sharing your good news!

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i really appreciate you sharing, very uplifting, and congratulations!

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That is wonderful news.  After all those treatments, I'm glad that they found one that is showing good results.


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Congratulations. Wonderful news. You've been through so much.


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Do you think there might be surgery in your future?  Seems like the chemo has gotten you into a pretty good place.  Keep us posted!  AA

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