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JEN2012 - Sundance and Big Billy Story Still Under Consideration From Coping Magazine:) *****UPDATED*****

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Hiya, Jen:)

What's happenin', baby! 


I hope you got your ears on this morning, LOL!

Well, Memorial Day came and went.....and I had not heard back from Coping magazine....they had said it would be about 8-weeks before I heard something.  I was going through my emails and found the one she sent me stating this.  We were 'one' day over the 8-months, what timing, huh?

So, I took a chance and wrote her and inquired if they had read my submission(s):  LMS story + Big Billy...

Sure enough, she responded back and said they were still reviewing submissions and that they would get back to me - one way or the other:)   It looks like they do 6-magazines a year and May/June 2013 just came out......

What is this telling me and you?

It means I'm still in the running:)  I'm still under consideration:)  They haven't outright said NO:)

And you know that Jessica could just as easily had, Jen.....easy.....it's over 700-words......and will not be considered.....end of story......I mean, that's their guidelines and the rules that they play by.  Normally, that's how they do it. 

I guess you know by now that there is nothing 'normal' about me, LOL!

So, she's got two strories...LMS weighing in at 2100+ words.....and Big Billy, which I re-wrote a couple of times down at 1100 something?  Pretty close.....I feel this is the one that is probably being considered, due to its direct cancer nature and survivor and coping strategy story. It's okay though....I always wanted to make Big Billy real:)

Here's the underlying message I'm getting, Jen...

Vicki is 'The Editor'...now if she knows the story is over 700 words....and is still considering it for possible publication in some form...


That's just what I was thinking too:)

She's read the story - you know she  has - and she likes it too!  Or, it would have been in the reject bin - and long ago.....

I truly feel that she is fighting for me - and as such, she is fighting for all of us.....this is a cancer magazine publication with real cancer stories and help topics of all kinds.  Their membership stands at 645,000......apparently, these magazines are typically found in the waiting rooms of many oncologist's offices. 

Hey, we got 'em right where we want 'em, huh?  we've got a captive audience, LOL!

Something must be going on - I feel something now that I can't explain - something I can't quite explain.  I went in breaking all of their rules straight out of the box and was open about it....perhaps my honesty is keeping me in the running as a result....don't know.

But, I just wanted you to know that you & I are......"Still In It - To Win It!"

I just had to talk to somebody today:)

Honestly, I still think it's quite a longshot for me....but this is the furthest I've gotten so far....and quite frankly, it's a little bit exciting.....so much I want something that I wrote to be meaningfully printed that could help others, before cancer catches me again....even if it's only this story and never the book.....at least, it would be a good story....it remains one if not my most favorite story that I ever composed....and it came at a time when I was at the lowest point of my cancer fight - ever.  

I just wanted you to know that I owe you a big thanks and one of my famous Texas Bear Hugs for guiding and steering me to this organization.  I could never have done this on my own and I remain grateful for your efforts - and even more touched by your compassion towards your fellow man.  If this thing pops, you will have played an important role in making some part of my dream - some kind of a reality.

But, I better not get too far ahead of myself today....just feels good to have an ounce of Hope blown up my tailpipe....I'm all 'hot air' anyway, LOL!

You may not have seen it as 'much' when you posted the link....but we both may see it as much more if this dream comes to any kind of fruition:)

Stay tuned to The Sundance Channel - "Story Matters Here."

You'll know when I know - one way or the other:)  And no matter what....just "Thanks."


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Congratulations, Craig. I really hope it works out. Isn't hope a wonderful thing!


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Glad you are still in the running.  Keep on trying as one of these days your story will be told.


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I was thinking about you and LMS over the weekend! I'm glad to hear you followed up! I hope they come through but don't forget all that you reach and help here with your stories...those of us who post and many more who don't.

I was thinking of you Craig this morning with a new subject for you...I'm finding it hard to feel normal and fit into society like we once used to...before diagnosis ...those carefree days of just living. How I miss those times. I feel like my kids are being robbed of a worry free childhood and the anxiety just hits me smack in the face at the weirdest times. Times when I'm doing normal stuff...shopping or whatever. I find myself looking at people and wondering if they are carefre e or living with these worries. Listening to people make retirement plans or just awesome vacation plans that we cant do because we are broke from sending the docs on those awesome vacations.

Had a bad day..spent the day with my mom in critical care unit feeling very sorry for ourselves with all the crap that has been thrown our way since last summer. Shes much better tonight though and was put in a regular room..can breathe again.

Don't want to bring your post down. I'm very excited with the possibility of saying...we knew him way back when...but would love to hear how you have gotten on with life after dealing with this for so long.

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This would be a good subject for Craig.  I have these same feelings, as well.  Feelings of not fitting in with society anymore.  I look at strangers out and about doing ordinary things.  I wonder if they are happy, the way Steve and I used to be or are they too stuggling through difficult times.  To be very honest, I find myself feeling envious of people who are living a care free life.  I have unpleasant thoughts, such as, maybe they have cancer and don't realize it.  Isn't that morbid?  A lot of negative thoughts go through my head throughout the course of the day. 

Hey, Craig.  No pressure or anything, but Jen and I need some literary therapy.  Can you whip something out by the end of the day?  LOL



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Place your order and pull up to the window for an Inspirational Value Meal and a milkshake - TO GO!

Smile    Tongue Out    Cool

Yes, "Custom Therapy" is now available - so..."Don't Delay - Buy Today!" 


Ok, I gotta stop....

You gals just both made me grin this morning - no small feat these days, I assure you.

Very interesting subject matter....one I'm intimately familiar with....actually, it's exactly what I've been working on and trying to figure out the past 2 years....I'm 5-days away from completing YEAR 9.

I've struggled with it....I've talked about it (some) but not too much up here, because I just didn't want to wear folks out with endless diatribe....and I didn't want them to tune out by frequently talking about the same issue.  I just had to be judicisous

And I'm just finally trying to get to a point where I see signs of life.....and then I find it hard to stay in the moment...

I've often talked about trying to fit back into society is akin to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole...

This would be a good subject matter....perhaps very enlightening, because I've seen alot of it over the nine-years.  I think I will take on your assignment:)

I think it might help me too - I need to write some more, it's been a killer to be disconnected; there is a hollowness and an emptiness whose void runs so deep, that I can never quite fill it...

I've got a vendor in with me for a few days (3 ft away) so that won't leave me any room to wander in my thoughts....


Perhaps, I can stir-fry something up by week's end? I certainly appreciate the confidence you both share in me:)

And I'm sorry you are both hurting so much....it's been so many years for us that it seems like somebody else's lifetime.....and it's funny that you mention wanting to get back to carefree stuff...I've got an interesting take on that....and you've opened an important door for us all to talk about this. 

I think I can bring something to this discussion - and talking can only help me right now....and I need help too, ladies....I need to connect again....the wheels are already turning and potentially, this could be another whopper:)

Can't wait to talk about it.....



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for your excellent post on something we're all feeling, new to cancerville (like me and my husband) or long time residents with so many good things to share.  I don't think we will ever be "normal" again.  Craig, you surely have a gift in your writing.  I'm sure many of us will be able to relate.  Looking forward to your next posts....


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I really want to help you too - if I can:)

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Heck, I find myself envious of people with cancer that are 60, 70 or older at this point...  I am 46 and have 6 kids from 5-15 years old, so I would be THRILLED to live to 60 and see all of them grow up.  Terminal cancer changes your perspective on everything.


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Now, you know that if they decide to publish, that it would be just be the one story....it's not the book - which is my passion, because there are 17-self help chapters in there that any cancer patient can readily identify with.

They won't be naming any roads after me or anything, LOL!

But, still it would be nice to be accepted - it would be nice to be validated - and it would be nice to have one's words in print, perhaps saving one's soul from drowning during their own personal Witching Hour....

And it might help me get noticed when I crank up again and try and pitch my manuscript back out to the editors I've still got left on the list....having some accrediation of being published might help.  So, this would be an important milestone.  And I guess if it was all I ever got, then I just have to learn how to deal with it.....and try and find some other avenue where I could be of benefit to another. 

Good subject you brought up....hits home....ever since I got over cancer 3x, I've been searching and searching....some of what I may say, just might surprise you. 

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.....I know how difficult that is to have to go through....here I was, hoping to turn your frown upside down, and now I see that you are going through all of this:(    I'm glad to hear she is breathing better.....respiratory distress is always so difficult on everyone. 

You didn't bring this post down - anytime there is something real to talk about, then we need to always talk about that.....

You know, Jen...it's so normal to feel sorry for one's self at different times, isn't it?  I really think that this is a cognizant reaction that we need to have when we need to have it that helps protect our inner sanity.  It seems to play an important or perhaps a vital role in our health - and more importantly, our state of mind....but then again, the two components are inextricably dependent on one another.  Where the Mind goes - the Body will follow.   

 I liken this phenomenon to the analogy of the Breaker Box on your house.....when there is a lightining strike or an overload of electrical surge, the breakers trip to prevent further damage to the equipment.

In essence, our Pity Parties act in much the same fashion.  They act as our natural reflex for the Emotional and Physical release that we need to let go of.  They allow us the permission to inwardly express our angst and frustration, which then acts as a grounding rod that helps  dissipates those feelings through this medium, so that we don't TRIP our own internal breakers:)

I believe that this is Nature's organic salve that we internally apply to try and help our wounds scab over.  That's why talking about things is so good, because it takes all of that Internalization - and then releases that through Externalization.  And when an S.O.S. can be picked up by another party and fully understood....

Well, that's where the real therapy can be found...and where healing can begin:)

How's that, Jen?  Will that hold you until I can get back to you and Chels:)

Your last line of your post is just chock-full of stuff we can talk about....you've read some of how I've tried....and we can talk about where I find myself now......just 5-days shy of the Nine-Year mark:)

BTW, it's good to still feel wanted:)


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Thanks Craig - feel a little less sorry for myself today.   I do realize that as sucky as our situation seems, it could always be worse.   Saw the story on TV this morning about the family whose little girl had a heart transplant at 5 or 6 yrs old and then found out that all 5 of their children have this same condition and need transplants.  Talk about feeling kicked down....I can't imagine the stress.   

Thank you for validating my feelings and understanding.   If the writing thing doesn't work out, you have a future in therapy! 

So the 9th yr anniversary - wow!  I can't remember and the answer may be right in front of me, but do you have scans coming up?

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Always love it when you come through town words a'blazin!



Love, Les

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Your post made me smile, Les:)

So, I'm just going to leave it at that....

But, if you were here, boy would we be having a conversation right about now:)

It will keep though:)

I'm glad you are continuing to do well.....

Love 2


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He's baaaack!!!  :D   My dear friend,  it's so good to see you writing once again, I've missed you out here so much.  :)

Big Bear Hugs ((((())))


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Oh my goodness, darlin'.....oh my goodness.....I'm shaking and can't stop....I don't have time left in the day to type this.....I need time to gather myself, so I can post intelligibly.

All I can say is that if I don't have you grinnnin' ear to ear tomorrow, I'm personally coming to your town to take your pulse!!!

I'm in shock.....I'm happy....I don't know what to think......it's been a long time comin'.......and the ol' timers are going to love this one!!!

Beyond my wildest imagination.....but that doesn't take much, LOL!

Okay, gotta go now....so now you've got 2 posts coming......and maybe 3......

I hope when I wake up tomorrow, it will still be real:)

Get happy now - doctor's orders!



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I'm grinning already!  Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

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Just read this...sounds very exciting!  Hope we get to read a "good news" post tomorrow.  AA

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Hi Annie,

You had me worried:)

It's going to be comin' out of the oven just as soon as the cheese melts:)

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One of your fans!! Behind you all the way!!!

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