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Prayers for tearstoovercome

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Please pray for my friend Brenda known as tears to overcome on CSN.  Brenda is in her final days and I pray that she will pass peacefully.  I pray that God will wrap his arms around her to find peace with him.  I was able to meet Brenda for the first time this last week.  We had made plans to meet several times and it never worked out.  Either she was sick or me, but we finally got to meet.  The smile on her face last week was priceless and the hug was wonderful.   Brenda I will surely miss you.  Your friend Sharon

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I pray for all members of this forum and their caregivers.  I will say extra ones for Brenda for peace and comfort.  It is so sad to hear of another " sister" who is in her final days.  Sharon I am sorry for your sorrow, too.

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I am so sorry to hear about yor friend Brenda, but it is wonderful that you finally were able to meet.  Like Ro, I pray for all the ladies on this board but like to make special mention of anyone I know who is going through particularly bad times.  Brenda, her friends and family, will be on my list.  I hope she is comfortable and pain free as she makes her final journey.

Kindest wishes

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