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Hello!  Please share your experience regarding your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your Lumpectomy/Mastectomy/2xMastectomy with me.  I will have surgery in a couple of months and would like to know how you feel about the procedure that you had and your process.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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On 5-15-13 I had a bilateral mastectomy for ILC. I came home the day after surgery and had no pain after leaving the hospital. So far so good. Good Luck!

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I was encouraged by your post, I was Dx 5/31/13 with ILC I have been leaning toward bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I do not want to wait to see if it is going to pop up on the other side and I have read a few posts about a lot of ongoing pain after surgery.


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I had a right side mast back in 2010 Surgery went fine very little pain with surgery. The thing that bothered me was the drain I had for five weeks after. I didn't have reconstruction and don't intend to have it. Hindsight because I am large breasted I would have had them both off. I am so unbalanced now. I wish I would have know that before I had surgery. Bra's don't fit right or stay wear they are suppose to.

Good luck to you what every you decide.

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I had bilateral mastectomy 4 and a half years ago with immediate reconstruction.  I felt no pain after the mastectomy.  I only felt discomfort from the drains and expanders, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I don't think I ever took a pain pill.  I do not regret having both removed because they found extensive LCIS in the other breast that was not diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Cancer.  I am very happy with my decision.  I think I saved myself future surgeries.



taylor manny
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I had a lumpectomy and am grateful that I could.  I had radiation treatments afterwords. 

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mastectomy in 2002. I was very happy to have the cancer out! I went in for a biopsy and it was a grade 3, the breast surgeon fet that was my best option, and I agreed.  I knew others who opted for a lumpectomy, only to be followed by a mastectomy when they did not get clean margins.  I did what I felt would give me the greatest chance of survival and peace of mind. 

I was expecting so much more pain.  The worse part of the procedure was the drains.  Not too much pain.  Went to tylenal by the 2nd day. 

Best of luck to you and whatever decision you make.  Welocme to this site.  There are a great group of women and men here and you learn so much!  



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I had a bilateral a year ago and made the decision knowing I'd be back for more surgery, otherwise.  It depends on the type cancer you have, and your personal decision.  I had immediate DIEP flap reconstruction and glad I did.  There was no pain in the chest area, but the drains are no fun. Linda

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