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Hi, I'm New

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Hi, just wanted to say "hello" and introduce myself.  I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer in March 2012, surgery 4/2012 and chemo June 2012.  I did not finish my chemo because I was alone and doing everything myself.  I completed 4 out of 6 chemo treatment.  The Oncologist put me on cancer preventive drug for 5 years and I still continue with my HER2 infusion.  My hair is growing back grayer and I wish my hair will grow back faster.

I was feeling sad and alone so I joined this network.  I was wondering if this tight band in my breast area will go away?  I want to do implants soon but I am alone and need all the support I can get. 

Feeling sad and alone, I keep myself busy with stuff and looking for a new job.  I need to feel good about myself and I just don't feel I am doing my best here.  Is this a normal feelings? 

Everyone have a great weekend!  Happy I found this site.

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Hi, I am sorry you have breast cancer, but this is a good place to come to for support!! You are quite strong to have been going through all that by yourself!! I had the tight feeling across my chest, too. Mine were from scar tissue adhesions from the mastectomies.  You may want to talk to your oncologist about seeing an occupational/physical therapist and get myofascial release if you have scar tissue adhesions. I could really tell the difference between when I first start OT and part way through. I did strectche at home, but between sessions I could really feel them get tighter. I still get that feeling and have my partner help strectch where I can't just get it myself. Hopefully if you do have scar tissue, they will give you stretching and things to do at home.

I think it is normal for some of us to feel down not good about ourselves. Having cancer is pretty traumatic and with you being alone, and looking for a new job is only added stress. Maybe you could see a counselor,too?

Welcome to CSN breast cancer discussion boards.

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I wanted to welcome you to this wonderful site.  I can't help you with your question because I never had that tight band feeling, but I wanted to let you know we are here for you.  You will never have to feel alone again.  You will have pink sisters and brothers here to help answer your questions.

Hugs to you,


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Megan M
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Welcoming you too!  I had a lumpectomy, so, I can't help with your question, but, I am sure some of the pink sisters here can.

Good luck!


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im so sorry you have breast cancer.  sorry that your going at it alone.  i admire people like you that find the strength within yourself to do what is needed to go through it.  i think the sad feeling you have weve all either experienced it or are experiencing it.  im only 2 weeks post op and i have that overwhelming feeling myself.  im blessed to have a very very supportive loving and caring family.    you will find on this sight some good advise from ladies that are going thru and feeling the things you are feeling. 


i have the tight feeling your experincing as well.  my doctor told me it was the allerderm that they put inside of me for the implants later down the road.  my expanders are in as well which gives me a feeling of tightness too.  i was told that it will take my body around 6 months to get use to it.  time time time.


i will keep you in my prayers.  i know you have found a good place... 


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YOU are not alone here...great group here...you will find out..




advice, venting right place to be


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I am new here and glad I found this site. I have stage II BC and have gone thru 3 of my 6 chemo treatments. Went to surgeon (did chemo first) and surgeon laughed when he found out I was doing chemo and mastectomy. Felt chemo was only necessary for shrinking tumor to do breast conservation surgery. It really irritated me. First, since he is a surgeon, not oncologist don't feel its his area of expertise. Anyways have asked him to provide me with data or literature supporting h


is opinion. Anyone with stage IIa also doing chemo? Mastectomy vs lumpectomy?

Lynn Smith
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WELCOME.We're all here for you.I was dx with DCIS Stage 0 but I have learned so much from others on this Board. Also from having a family history.Mom at 21(lived to be 81) niece at 29(double masttecomy) me at 62 and then my sister dx last year at 62.My sister is single but her daugther and granddaughter live with her.Sometimes helpful but sometimes no help.

My sister just had her reconstruction.It went fine but I think she overdid it.Not alot of help.She complained of fatigue and all around not feeling that great.Also the sad part she had just changed insurance when dx and they told her they wouldn't pay anything.It was a so called pre exisiting condition. So she's out  alot of money.Something like $80,000 plus.Sad part if she's sick she doesn't want to go to the doctor.Another bill.

My husband is just a few years older than me but I worry about being alone.He's under doctors care for heart trouble and now he's having problems with the main artery in his neck.Doctor is concerned(stroke risk she said).I understand you being alone.I'm not scared now but worry.

Lynn Smith

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I had lumpectomy and radiation but my sister had chemo first, then mastectomy, then more chemo, then radiation.  She had chemo first to shrink the tumor as it was close to her chest wall.  There are legitimate reasons to do chemo first even when the surgery will be a mastectomy.  And seriously, the surgeon laughed.  That is so inappropriate.  I can understand him having a differing opinion but he should have expressed it in a professional manner.  Cancer is not a laughing matter, nor is chemo, surgery, radiation or any aspect of the treatment.  What you said about your oncologist being the best person to decide your ore surgery treatment is correct.  I would ask for a different surgeon in any case.  I would not be very happy to have a surgeon who considers my cancer a matter of humor.  

Oh, and my sister just celebrated 5 years with no evidence of disease (NED).   Good luck with your sugery and your treatment.


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double post


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I would be looking for a new surgeon.  There is no excuse for his callus and insensitive behavior.

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Welcome to the message board no one wants to join, but I am happy that you are here!  Your feelings are very normal! 

Wanted to let you know that I had Stage 3A when I was 33.  I am now 60!!!  Hang in there and keep fighting!!!

New Flower
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Please know you are not alone

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