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It's been 6 months since the last Roll Call. Time sure flies.

Please post a short status report of where you are in your journey.

Dear long-term survivors! If you are just lurking please post too to give newbies some hope and inspiration.

Thank you ladies,

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Posts: 1311
Joined: Jul 2012

Name: Alexandra
Age: 45
Location: Toronto, Canada
Diagnosed: May 3rd, 2012
Stage: 3C
Genetics: BRCA1+
Treatment: debulking surgery Sep. 2012; 7 rounds of IV Taxol/Carboplatin, last one Nov. 2012; abdominoplasty Jan. 2013
Recurrences, if any: not yet
Current status: NED for 6 months
Current CA125: 4

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Age: 60  (60?!?  Really?!? How did I get here so fast??)

Location: Ohio

Diagnosed: March 2012

Stage 3 c, high grade. Second, unrelated cancer in uterus, stage 1, discovered in pathology from surgery.

Genetics: I still haven't had the testing done, although Angelina has me considering.

Treatment: 3 rounds of taxol/cisplatin to reduce tumors away from bowel before surgery in June, followed by 5 months of IV/IP taxol and carboplatin. Currently half way through a planned year of monthly taxol for maintenance. I also made some big changes to my diet and added some supplements.  Still crave Diet Coke.

CA 125 was around 300 at diagnosis, shot up to 2000 with first chemo treatments, but was down to less than 5 early this year.  There has been a pesky little rise the last 3 months to 15.  Waiting...waiting...waiting...

Current status:  No hair, beautiful wig.  Tingling neuropathy in the middle 3 toes on each foot.  In need of a vacation.  I'm positive walking on the beach will help the neuropathy.

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2timothy1 7
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I'm certain walking on the beach will help neuropathy:). It will prolly help a lot of things. 

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Pamela B
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You look fantastic for 60! I hope I look even half as good when I get there. It is only a few months so I don't think I have much of a chance!!!

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Hearty Pioneer
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Name: Hearty Pioneer
Age: 50
Location: Pacific Northwest WA state
Diagnosed: March 7, 2012, 8:30 PM at hospital ER
Stage: 2C invasive, high grade serous carcinoma, tumor size 20 x20 cm right ovary, right fallopian tube, left fallopian tube and ovary, right pelvic peritoneum
Genetics: BRCA1+ scheduled for double mastectomy with reconstruction June 25, 2013 (had cancer in right breast 2001)
Treatment: 1.5 liters of fluid removed from right lung March 2012, optimal debulking surgery March 2012; Cisplatin (IV chemo) and Paclitaxel (IP chemo) 18 weeks, last treatment July 2012. Took homeopatic remedies for chemo detox. September 2012 ended up at hospital for 4 days with peritonitis then 21 days IV antibiotic every 6 hours
Recurrences, if any: not yet
Current status: NED since August 2012
Current CA125: my oncologist does not report my CA 125 score to me unless there is an issue. She thinks this leads to a better quality of life, not worrying about small fluctuations.

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Name: Joan

Age: 70..on 7/21 can't believe I am that old!

Location: Salem, Oregon

Diagnosed: April 2, 2008

Stage: 3C

Genetics: Not tested...no family history of disease

Recurrences: None.... NED since end of treatment 10/6/2008

Current CA125: 6


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My wife is newly diagnosed with stage 3C, possible 4. She just had her first chemo in which she's calling her "Cleansing Treatments", she doesn't like calling it chemo. She's 46 and she doesn't seem a bit scared and she's up for the fight. My problem is I like reading everyone's stories, but they scare me to death. Tonight I was reading all those who have posted lately and I cannot find anyone with OC that joined this page prior to 2009. I am sure there is someone, but that means that maybe a few just stopped posting, but I have a feeling nearly 100% have passed on. I get down and sad when I think of how much pain and suffering women have to go through. But reading your clean bill of health for 8 years really has me smiling. You are simply an inspiration that proves that with each case their is hope and because of you I will take a much elevated attitude as I help my Michele in her fight....big john

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Try not to let the numbers get you down!  If you click on the name of the person you are reading about it will take you to their space and you can see when they were on line last.  A lot don't post but do read and check in.  While I don't have OC( I have uterine cancer)my type of cancer, UPSC is called which is a "C" or "3" agression is called a "misplaced" OC and is treated exatly the same.  I was diagnosed in July of 09 and am still here!  Joan, Kate, Marie, and many others are long timers also...we just don't post as often.  The treatments and drugs are changing all the time.  We have lost a lot of people,true, but more just get to live with NED for a life time.  Don't let the non posters make you think we all are gone!  We are still here!  The best of luck to you and Mitchele.  Visit us over on the Uterine board, we have a gentleman, Red Corvete, who post for his wife.  Best, Debrajo, Uterine Board

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Age: 60 (really only 21)
Location: Adelaide Australia
Diagnosed: Septe,ber ? 2008
Stage: PPC 3
Genetics: ?
Treatment: debulking surgery Oct. 2008; 6rounds of IV Taxol/Carboplatin, finished March 2009, Carbo/Gemzar June 2011 now on oral chemo
Recurrences, Persistant tumour near bowel/pelvis area

Current CA125: 1316

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Name: Joan

Age:  55

Location: WA

Diagnosed: November 5, 2012

Stage: 3

Genetics: BRCA1 BRCA2 negative

Treatment: Exploratory lap with biopsy November 9 2012 removal of 4 liters of fluid (carcinamatosis of bowel and peritoneal cavity) (inoperable). Inital Ca 125 1846  Three cycles dose dense Taxol (taxol weekly, taxol and carboplatin every 3 weeks). Ca 125 decreased to 34 before surgery in February. February 22 2013 Total abdomenal hysterectomy, removal of bilateral ovaries and fallopian tubes, removal of omentum, tumor debulking, argon beam ablation, peritoneal resection. March 31, 2013 resumed Dose dense taxol regimen. Last taxol was done last Saturday. Last Ca 125 was 8. Multiple blood transfusions, missed a few chemo treatments due to low platelets. Neupogen injections for low neutrophils. Last cat scan in May showed NED. Pulmonary nodule evaluated Early Lung Cancer Detection Unit... not a metastasis (Thank Goodness!). 

Initially they thought I had papillary serous carcinoma of the ovary.  After my second surgery, they determined that I had Fallopian Tube Cancer.

Current status: NED

CA 125: 8

Next follow up: August


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Still a survivor...having scans in a few weeks and hoping for nice long break.Dx 2009 ...surgery..chemos..now the wait. Today is National Survivors day!!     Stay strong.....Val 

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2timothy1 7
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2timothy1 7
Posts: 348
Joined: Jan 2012

stage 3c, BRCA negative 

debulking: dec 2011

6 roundss IP/IV chemo(ending May22, 2012)

Ned 6 months

As ca 125 began rising & abdomen lymph nodes grew bigger, made decision to try a clinical trial if I qualified.

April 17, 2013 stared PARP drug, olaparib( pill form- 16 per day) . No nausea.

May 13, 2013 ca 125 Went from 247 to 155!

Fly to NIH 1 day per month, which they pay for, & have assessments done & get pills.

So far this has been a breeze compared to regular IV chemo. Don't know how long this will work but thanking The Lord for the extension! 


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Name:  Kelly

Age: 52

Stage:  2b, grade 3

Diagnosed:  September 2010

Treatment:  Debulking surgery on October 11, 2010; six treatments of carbo/taxol between December 3, 2010 and March 24, 2011

Recurrences:  none so far

Current status:  NED (no evidence of disease) since March 24, 2011 = two years and two months so far!

CA 125:  Was over 2,800 prior to surgery; dropped to 7 after surgery and before any chemo; currently at 6


Rosamond M
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 You are a huge asset to the discussion boards, Alexandra! Great idea.

Name: Rose.

 Age: A fit and healthy 72 (so I thought!)

Location: Newcastle, Australia.

Diagnosed: 28th November,2012.

 Treatment: 3 rounds chemo (Taxol & Carboplatin), debulking surgery, 3 more rounds of chemo.

Current Status: Remission.

Current Ca125: 5 - down from 1645.

I am feeling quite jublilent at present because since November 2012 June is the 1st month with no medical appointments of any kind! 

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I'm still here, I tend to lurk these days!

I am doing well - DX June 2010 2C, full de-bulking, 18 rounds dense dose Taxol/Carbo - NED since last treatment on 8 Dec 2010.  last CA125 done in Nov last year was 4 :)))

As I am BRCA1 I am now serioulsy considering prophylactic mastectomy (dx breast ca in 2000 - lumpectomy followed by 6 rounds chemo & radiotherapy - NED since) just need to find the right surgeon (have been considering this for quite some time prior to Angelina Jolie hitting the news!!!!)

Bright Blessings to all

Michelle xxxx


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Name: Kate

Age: 54

Location: Colorado
Diagnosed: August 7, 2009
Stage: 3C

Surgery: Suboptimal

Recurrant ascites following surgery, with a total of 80 liters removed over the course of 2 months.

3 months on 24 hour IV nutrition started in October of 2009.
Treatment: debulking surgery August, 2009; 8 rounds of IV Taxol/Carboplatin/Avastin, last one Feb. 2010; Follow up with 11 rounds of Avastin.  Integrative therapies including high does IV vitamin C.

Genetics: BRCA1+

Recurrences, if any: None, in remission since February, 2010

Current status: NED for 3 years and 4 months, all tests are clear for any type of cancer.
Current CA125: 2

Still following an anti-cancer diet, exercise, stress management and following the direction of my naturopath, who recommends the supplements I need to prevent cancer.

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Age :62

Location: St Louis, MO

Dx: 3C on Aug 26 2011

Genetics: BRCA2

Treatment: 4 Carbo/Taxol followed by TAH. then 4 more rounds of carbo/taxol

CA125: 2200 at highest point, went to 4 after surgery. Has been 4, 6.9 and then 5.2 at last checkup.

Status: Have had no recurrence to date of OVCA, but was diagnosed with breast cancer, IDC Triple Positive, in October 2012; had BMX in Jan 2013 and am on Herceptin, an every 3 week infusion for the next year, and Arimidex, a pill every day for the next 5 years. Both very manageable. My hair has grown in and I feel very well except for neuropathy inboth hands and feet and a getting-bigger-every-day-hernia from the surgery. 

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EST Group, LLC


18 pt
18 pt


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Name:  Robyn

 Age:  47 

Location:  Texas

Diagnosed: July 10, 2007

Stage: 3C

Genetics: none (oddly my sister had breast cancer – 10 year survivor – and we are both negative for the gene)

Treatment: debulking surgery ; 10 rounds of IV Carbo/Taxol.  Had to discontinue IP after first round due to complications from scar tissue. 

First Reoccurrence: September  2011, 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol

Second Reoccurrence:  January 2013, currently on monthly Doxil and doing well

CA125:  Highest prior to surgery was over 800.  Lowest after surgery and treatment was 12.  I hit 190 early this year but after 5 rounds of Doxil I am back down to 102. 

I know I have had a whole lot easier road than some and tougher road than others. But for all of you who are earlier in this journey than I am, just believe there is a whole lot of life left to live - and not just after cancer but with it as well!  I am living proof!  

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Name- Shannon

Age- 35

Diagnosed- stage 4 on feb 29th 2012

surgery- complete hysterectomy and debulking and right underarm lymphnode positive

Brca 1 positive

Treatment- 6 rounds of Taxol and carbo ended in august 2012

re-occurance- December 2012 (now considered platinum resistant)

Currently on a clinical trial which includes Doxil and a text drug called ec145 (mixes folic acid with a chemo drug)

current ca125- 167

My ca125 has not decreased yet but the size of my tumor has slightly so far after 3 months on the trial. Doing ok but have some bad neuropathy and have been very tired.

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Name: Tamra

Age: 45

Location: Washington
Diagnosed: 24 May 2010
Stage: 4

Surgery: Suboptimal


Treatment: Debulking surgery May 2010; 6 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin, last one Oct. 2010; Clinical trial of BIBF1120 from June 2010 - October 2012

Genetics: unknown (not enough family history for them to test)

Recurrences, if any: None, in remission since October 2010

Current status: NED, next 3-month check is in early July
Current CA125: 6

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Name ; Donna

Age : 49    22  /8 / 63

Location : Australia  South

Diagnoised  :  April 1st 2011

Stage 4 cervical Stage 3 ovarian

Surgery : part hyst had ovaries and tubes  removed

Treatments : 5 weeks radiation and Chemo Cysplatian 2011

                    internal brachy theraphy 7 days

                    6 rounds carbo/ taxol 2012

                     started  carboplatin / Liposomal Doxorubicin  for  metastasis 6.5 cm tumour wrapped around Uretha 2013

Just started  first  rounds of  chemo again had  had  6 months of  being contained and  under control . Had some  back pain

was  given a  ct scann and   tumour  discovered  was also a   kidney stone 3 cm which  has been  removed  still waiting to have a  stint put in to releive pressue  on  kidney.

CA - 125  had  gone to  188

last blood  just before  chemo started  it had  dropped  to  ca - 125  / 165

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Name: Maria

Dxed: 3C, May 2006... 7 year survivor and counting

Surgery included debulking, appendix removal and 9" of my colon

Orginal 6 doses of carbo/taxol put me in remission for about 3 years

My OVCA now being treated as cronic. I have been having chemo each month for almost 3 1/2 years. Luckily, I've had great results with cisplatin/gemzar. My CA-125 has been staying in the 40's. I won't tell you that long term chemo is easy. I'm down for the count for about 2 weeks out of the month.... BUT for me it's oh so worth it. I make the upmost of my "good days". If we met out shopping or at a restaurant ( wouldn't that be great!), I doubt you'd guess that half my time is spent chemoing. I've chatted with two other ladies lately, while we're hooked up to our IV's at my Drs. office, who both have been on this long term chemo like me and they also plan their chemo around vacations and family get togethers.... one had just returned from Venice. :)

                                                       ((((((((((HUGS))))))))) to you all,  Maria

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Dx. with ovarian, uterine and appendix cancers on 8-9-10.  I had the moas debulking surgery on 9-8-10.

I had 6 treatments of taxol and carboplatin for the ovarian cancer.

I had Brachy Therapy internal radiation 3 treatments for the uterine cancer.

My appendix cancer was discovered when I had the moas and they removed my appendix.

It had 2 stones in it and they were tested and they were 2 different types of cancer one adenocarcinoma and the other goblet cell.

I have been NED since Feb. 2011.

I have had 2 hernia surgeries one April 26th 2011 and the other Feb. 28th 2013.

I am feeling great and hope to keep feeling this way.

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Count me in!

Age 60

Dx Aug 2010 with 3c high grade.

Treated with 4 carbo and then robotic surgery. Next came 6 rounds of carbo and taxol. Achieved NED so I participated in CVAC vaccine trial. Remission lasted 9 months during which I participated in CVAC vaccine trial. When cancer returned I tried Doxil for 5 months and when it failed I went for another 6 treatments of Carbo. I am allergic to Carbo so I did it in the hospital slowly.

BRCA 2 positive

CA 125 at 16

Now in remission for the last 5 months and feel great!

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Name - Jo

Age - 70 (on 6/15, so I'm still in my sixties for a few more days!)

Location - Boca Raton, FL

Diagnosed - Feb. 1, 2011

Stage - lllC

Genetics - BRCA 2 pos.

Treatment - 2011: hysterectomy/debulking, 6 rounds carbo/taxol, 7 months NED.

                    2012: recurrence in Jan., 6 rounds carbo/gemzar, continuing carbo/gemzar as maintenance.

Current Status -  no visible signs of disease since June, 2012, but I will do carbo/gemzar every 8 weeks through Aug., then reassessment.                       

CA 125 - single digits. 

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Name: Karen

Age: 65

Location: Gilroy, California

Diagnosed: March 16, 2010

Stage: 3C

Genetics: ?

Treatment: Three rounds carbo/taxol to reduce tumors in order to have surgery; debulking surgery June 21, 2010;  Three cycles, 3 infusion per cycle.  IP taxol day one, IP Cisplatin day 2 and IV taxol day 8.  Hopitalized twice and final infusion cancelled.  Last chemo 9/16/2010.  Declared NED November 2010. 

Recurrences: CA 125 began rising April 2012, Petscan verified tumor in June 2012; tried 3 different estrogen blockers, Tamoxifen worked first 3 months then CA 125 began to rise, two more drugs did nothing.  Petscan in February showed second tumor.  Onc determined chemo now necessary because of this tumor's location.

Current status: Chemo began 5/07/2013, second on 5/28/2013.  After first chemo CA 125 dropped from 191 to 25.  Developed atrial fibrillation after first chemo.  Had untrasound yesterday.  Hope this can be resolved; makes the cancer battle a little tougher because I am so tired all the time.  Felt better for a while but palpatations came back over the weekend. 

Current CA 125: 25

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Name: Zina

Age:    59

Location: Milwaukee,WI

Diagnosed: 02-14-2007

Stage:  2C

Genetics: BRCA1 - positive

Treatments: surgery, chemo - carboplatin ( 3 times), taxoter, gemzar, avastin, doxil, paclitaxel, topotecan.

Recurrences: December 2009; January 2011.

Current status: chemotherapy every 3 weeks, carboplatin.

Current CA125: 378.


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Pamela B
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Name: Pamela
Age: 59 (for a few more months!)
Location: Central Florida near Tampa
Diagnosed: Dec 2012
Stage: 3C
Genetics: BRCA1 & 2 Negative
Treatment: Debulking surgery Dec 10, 2012. 4 plus a bit of round 5 IP/IV Taxol & Cysplatian Handled rounds 1-3 like a champ but round 4 got the best of me. Too many side effects that could become permanent if I continued. Slight neuropathy in hands and feet for now. Stopped treatment in May 2013.
Current Status: Having CT and PET scans this week before I get the all clear and considered officially in remission.
CA125: 6 down from 540 after surgery and before chemo started.
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Name:  Julie

Age:  64

Lives: Gold Coast, Australia

Diagnosed: December 2011 with Stage 4 Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Initial sympton: Collapsed lung

Treatment:  Pleurodesis on my right lung to prevent further fluid build up (successful), 4 rounds of carbo/taxol, optimal debulking surgery, 3 rounds of carbo/taxol, two months off chemo assuming remission with CA125 down to 16 from 653.  Then rose to 209 and 3 rounds of Doxil (Caelyx) continued rising numbers and bad side effects, 5 rounds of Gemzar boosted with Cycloblastin and numbers still increased so now on Topotecan and have so far had 3 rounds.  Side effects minimal and numbers still rising but last week just a small rise so hoping next month will show a fall!  Ever the optimist!  

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Diagnosed Nov 2009 stage 3c

Surgery in Nov and chemo started in December.Had debulking surgery and stints put in ureder.When i was first diagnosed my ca 125 was over 4500, it is now at 9

I had to have mu lung and stomach drained twice but once the chemo took effect it took care of the fluid

I recieved carbo taxol and was only  able to recieve 4 rounds of chemo due to low white count. Was given pt scan in may of 2010 and it has been clear ever since. Praise GOd for healing.

Just had checkup last week and i am still doing well and still cancer free Praise God

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Glad to be done
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Helloooo Fellow Fighters.   It's been a while.  I read but have not been posting.   I hope everyone is well.


Name: Eileen
Age: 46
Location: Hampton, NH
Diagnosed: January 20, 2012
Stage: 3C
Genetics: BRCA1+
Treatment: debulk surgery January 11, 2012; 6 rounds of IV Cisplatian/Taxol (intraperotoneal also)

Last Treatment: June 25, 2012 
Recurrences, if any: None t
Current status: NED for just shor of 1 year

Current CA125: Steady since the end at 13


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Name:  Ann

Age:  68

I live in Toronto, Canada

Was DX'd in May of 2010.  Currently in remission and feeling great.  I had optimal debulking by a gyn-onc and six sessions of carboplatin/taxol.  Certainly, I am concerned for my future, wondering if I will recur (mine was found fairly advanced) but I just get out and have fun and keep busy.

I joined this board after I was DX'd and posted from time to time, the last while I have lurked.  Due to a busy life I haven't been posting lately but I hope to come back after our summer of travelling.

You are all a great group of ladies.




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Lesa Plano
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Joined: Dec 2012

I live in Dallas TX,

Age 58

UPSC Diagnosed incorrectly 9/2010 and diagnosed correctly at recurrence 12/2012

Still taking chemo, just finished the 9th round of taxol and number 7.5 carbo. 

CA125 down from 2276 to 21 as of last week. 

CT scans to be done 7/11 to see if continued reduction of tumors.  At this time tumors have gone from plural cavity, liver, abdomen and left with one in pelvic floor and one in omentum. 1cm and 3 cm respectively that can be seen. 

Changed diet lost 45 pounds and still working on losing.  Looking for additional ways to manage this through diet and supplements if anyone has infor to share.

Posts: 2
Joined: Jun 2013

Age: 62

Location: Florida

Diagnosed: Dec 2003

Stage: 3A

Treatment:  Debulking surgery Dec 19, 2003 6 rounds of IV Taxol/Carb

Current status:  NED

Current CA125:  6


Posts: 8
Joined: Aug 2012

Yep I was lurking

Diag stage IV primary peritoneal  May 2012 

Had hysterectomy and debulking as well as sx on lungs  (talc)

6 rounds carbo/taxol last was 11/19/2012  ca125 was 0 at one point, stayed  below 10  for awhile, then 13,23, 60 and now 116.  I show on ct  a small spot about 2cm and 2 small areas they are watching.  Feel good other than issues with severe osteoporosis.  Am gardening  and doing  aqua fitness.

Set to start doxil this Wednesday, anyone have experiences with this.

I keep positive but get nervous at times.

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Name: Joyce

dx: Feb 28th 2011, stage 3c

Age at dx: 31 yrs old 

treatment: 6 rounds of carbo/taxol

in remission 2 years and NED 

Ca-125 in June was 8

doing good so far I try to stay active and busy.  


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kimberly sue 63
Posts: 421
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I haven't been on the board for a while.

Dx: March 28th 2012 with epithelial ovarian cancer 3c, both ovaries, right fallopian tube, and omentum involvement

SX: optimal

Chemo: chemo dense, weekly chemo for 18 weeks...it took 8 months to get through chemo due to the need to skip treatments when blood counts were low.

Remission: 9 months now!!!!

CA125: 5

BRCA1 positive; deceided not to have prophyalactic mastectomy...I am surveyed by mammogram every 6 months, and Breast MRI on the alternating 6 months.Laughing

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Name: Pat

Diagnosis: May, 2010 Low Grade adenocarcinomal, Stage IIIc

Treatments: Suboptimal debulking followed by 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. 5 rounds of Avastin added beginning with chemo round#3.

Femara for mainentance.

Genetic testing shows KRAS mutation.

CA125 in mid teens, then steadily rising for the past year. Is now around 300-400. (not sure, haven't received most recent results)

NED for about 18 months. 

Just completed screening for the MEK162 clinical trial. I'm praying that I'll be accepted, that I'll receive the experimental drug arm, and that it works for me. I have to drive to Columbus, Ohio from my home in WV for this trial, but it could be so worth it. I should know in a week what my fate is to be. 

This disease has taught me patience and self-advocacy.

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I've been absent from the board for a long time.  Please accept my apologies!

48 years old

Diagnosed Stage 3c January 2010


Ned July 2010

Diagnosed Brain Mets May 2011 upped to Stage 4

Craniotomy/ Whole Brain Radiation/ Gamma Knife

Ned August 2010

Living Strong today/ still NED 

On a personal note,  I lost my Grandfather in 2011 and my father in 2012.  In May 2013, my husband informed me that after 15 years of marriage (and me supporting him through his  drug addiction for four years and subsequent his terminatin and unemployment for a year) that   "due to my lack of availability for HIS anxiety" he wants a divorce.  

I'm just hanging on, trusting that God has a plan for me.  ;)


After all, I'm a SURVIVOR!

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2timothy1 7
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I'm so sorry for all your personal losses! Broke my heart to read your post. Bible says in the world you will have trouble, but take heart, for i have overcome the world.  It is so true, we all will have trouble! You've sure had your share.  I know God has a plan for us all no matter how confusing the road is! Hang in there sister:).

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Every day your soul is strengthened.  God has wonderful plans for you.  Trust Him.  You ARE a survivor!!

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Age: 49 (dx at 47)

Location: NJ, USA

Diagnosed: Feb 9, 2011
Stage: 3B
Genetics: BRCA1+
Treatment: debulking surgery, 7 nodes removed ( all clear) Feb 2011 ; 6 x IP/IV Cisplatin/Taxol 

Recurrences: 3/8/2013 after 22  Months NED; chemo 6 x carbo/gemzar (Day 1,8,28)

Current status: chemo
Current CA125 is 5 

Other: Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Oct 31, 2008 ( age 44). stage 2A, BXM, chemo 4 x F.A.C. + 12 wkly Taxol. NED since May 2009. 

Posts: 190
Joined: Oct 2012

Hi Everyone!! Not sure if yo remember me. I have not posted in a while. I went back to work one month after achieving remission. I have been very busy with work not to mention tired at the end of the day. I feel good. I started training for a bike race and in a couple of weeks up to 10 miles. As a result of the chemo I have some light nureoapthy in my left foot and had to have caterack surgery as a result of the steriods I was on during treatment. All is good!!!


Name: Pamala
Age: 54
Location: Bethel, ME
Diagnosed: October 2, 2012
Stage: 3C
Genetics: BRCA1 and Braca 2 Negative
Treatment: Ultama-debulking surgery Octover 2, 2012; 9 rounds of IV Carboplatin and 18 rounds of Taxol. last one March 6. 2013
Recurrences, if any: not yet
Current status: NED for 5 Months
Current CA125: 3



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Thanks, Alexandra, for suggesting this.  I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts.

My own story:  Age, 67. Diagnosed with primary peritoneal carcinomatosis, stage IIIc (or stage IV? the doctors disagreed) on Friday, the 13th of July, 2012.  You all probably know that peritoneal cancer is treated exactly the same as ovarian cancer & is considered closely related.

CA 125 on diagnosis, 2700+. CA 125 today, 15.  Treated with taxol/carboplatin July - Dec 2012. Saw gynecologic oncology surgeon in Jan 2013, who suggested surgery to remove what was thought to be the remains of a "dead" tumor.  (Had previously had total hysterectomy, including ovaries, 2008.)

Had surgery on 2/19/13. Grossly, no sign of cancer, but 3 of 6 biopsies came back positive.  Back on chemo, with Avastin added, in March.  Now on Avastin only; my docs say I'm doing well.  But they don't say NED -- which I'm longing to hear.

I blog about my course of treatment, results, etc., at http://www.CaringBridge.org/visit/CaroleSeaton

And I just want to add: I get such a lift from reading the experience of others, especially you long-time survivors.  Thanks & congrats!


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Name: Calafia

Age: 65

Location: Mexico

Diagnosed: February 2013 after removal of 15x12x10 cm cyst and ovary

Stage: 1A serous papillary adenocarcinoma with areas of endometrial carcinoma

Genetics: Not tested but no known family history

Treatment: Staging surgery (March), dehiscence repair (April), Chemo (May-August) six cycles Carboplatin/Gemzar

Recurrences, if any: Still in initial phase

Current status: Five chemo cycles down, one to go! Doing well so far, no major side effects.

Current CA125: 9.8

Hugs and many thanks to all!

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Age: 65

Location: Florida

Diagnosed: Dec 2003

Stage: 3A

Treatment:  Debulking surgery Dec 19, 2003 6 rounds of IV Taxol/Carb

Current status:  NED

Current CA125:  6

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an old roll call.  We've actually lost some of these dear ladies.


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