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Why erbitux or vectibix may stop working and possible counter measure

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Why the all wait?  I would go find the natural MET inhibitors, like EGCG in green tea extract.   Oh, yes EGCG is already in the LEF recommendations mix for CRC, perhaps more there.  

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green tea extract i've continued since being Dxed...Here's a link to an article i had printed when i first came across it. The site is good for nano info.



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it brings no consolation for onc to years later indicate, supplements may help.

the medical estashblishmemt are cullpible in many ways.

i have had so many greenteas and no coffee except the enemas for years.

one day the onc will advocae enemas, like they did up until the 1970s , that will an equally bitter sweet day.

conventional has no choice to embrace the best of alternative and complementary, it will just take so long.

i am back in hospital right now, getting my chemo port installed , 3 years today the day I had my first colonoscopy, when my tumour was found.

still this is good news, thanks steve.



ps and tans how good is lef! so many of their recommendations. i remember sharing my excitement of finding them here, in the goold old days I was shot straight between the eyes, for suggesting them and having faith in their science and recommendations. alas time tells alot in this game. I think its time to reread the lef bible, and see the latest.

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