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Signet ring cell stomach cancer...please help

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My father was diagnosed with signet ring cell cancer stage 4 in March and it has spread to the abdominal walls. They said surgery is not possible. Started chemo with Oxciliplatin (is supposed to be the strongest) in March. Had the 5th cycle on Wednesday and a check up soon. He is in his late 60s.

His state of mind is very scared and negative. Cannot even sleep at night. Naturally we all are. Can you please based on your own experience and fact finding tell me what is most effective to kill off this type of cancer? Did you have surgery? Is there any realistic chance at a cure? Anything particular helpful that you came across? Any additional advice (such as miracle cures, powerful cancer cell killers, especially against signet ring cell cancer, etc...) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for your timely reply and advice.

Kind regards,


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Hi there!  I too, was diagnosed with Stage IV signet ring cell with mets in the abdomen at the age of 38 (Feb 2012).  I was told I had 10-12 months to live and was NOT a surgical candidate.  I received 26 cycles of DCF (Docetaxel, 5FU and Cistplatin) and when I went for a 2nd opinion at MD Anderson in May of this year, they were unable to find any active cancer and I am now eligible for surgery.  No one will say the cancer is gone because it was so advanced but I just wanted to let you know that there is hope and doctors don't know everything.  I would recommend a 2nd opinion if that is an option for you - MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic - all are good places to start.  Best of luck to your father and your family! 


Also, if you haven't already, check out the "Stomach Cancer Warriors and Caregiver Family" Facebook page - the people on there are a wealth of information and support.  

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Hello,are you still online and active on this post , 

i would like to no you doctor and facility

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Can anyone advise me on what hospital, clinic, or doctor to see for signet cell feature stomach carcinom? My sister is in stage IV and I am afraid to waste time.

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