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Missed everyone

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I have missed everyone greatly.  My son graduated high school and my daughter graduated college.  I am so glad to have that over with, but I missed having David by my side.  My mother-in-law went with me and that helped quite a bit.  I still miss David, but I am trying to start living life again.  I have been thinking so much about all my old friends here and wonder what everyone is up to.  I still am looking into that trip to see some of you.  I am almost out of the crying every day funk and would love to have a glass of wine and laugh with many of the people who got me through the dark time in my life.

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Great to hear from you, and sounds like you are doing well...one day at a time my friend.

Best ~ John

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Congrats to the kids! What a great celebration with the two of them. I had one graduate from college last May and he then decided to go on and get his masters. He will be done next Spring with that. Then my other son will graduate from college in the Spring as well....Whoo...will be nice to see them finish up and get jobs!! Laughing ...But......then "Mom" decided she would do something silly and enroll in college for the Fall! I'm terrified too...LOL. I'm planning on becoming an RN. Kind of a late start at the age of 47, but it's been my dream since high school. 

Sounds like you've gotten up over some hills...glad to hear it. I would certainly welcome you here in Michigan! We are having some awful rain for the last couple of months and with that has come mosquitos.....thousands of those little buggers! But, that's what we have OFF for...LOL

Take care,


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Nice to hear from you and to see you are feeling better.

Please give me a call before you drop in, I’ll want to take a shower.

Missed you too,


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Ingrid K
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Hey there, Vivian

so good to get an update from you.  Sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy.

Congrats on the kids' graduations.  One of life's milestones when they finish school.

My door is still open here in suburban Chicago.....but you may want to do the southern tour first as our weather is still very "iffy" and we have still had days in the 40's and 50's....or just pack a lot of sweaters !


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Glad to hear that life is pushing you forward, as it has a way of doing. Stay in touch!

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Jan Trinks
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Congrat on the grads!  Glad to hear you're staying busy.  And remember David is with you in spirit always and is so proud of the way you're doing and going on.  And as John said, one day at a time.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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