Hi mates sorry for de delay ! It is FRIDAY here any interesting plan for the weekend?

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Sorry for the delay but it's tax payment time here so I been doing my mother, my wife and my tax
Declaration yesterday gathered with tax advisor! So very tired ....and depressed ! LOL.
Well now I'm resiting watching Nadal in Roland Garros and tomorrow probably will meet my whole family
for a paella in my sister house at the beach!
What about you mates ?.


  • karguy
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    Yes,I am going to a car show,not one with new cars,but one with cars from the 70's to the 30's.Even bucket T roadsters.Don't be depressed,your going to the beach,and having fun with your whole family.Have a good time.

  • Maxiecat
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    I had an outing today with my

    I had an outing today with my daughter's Girl Scout troop...9 eleven year olds!  My son plays baseball tonightAnd tomorrow I will spend part of the day going through children's clothes... Putting up for sale all of the things that they have outgrown... I am hoping to make enough money to pay for a mini vacation of about 3 days at the beach for the kids and I in June.  My husband has to work so he can't go.


  • steveandnat
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    Watching granddaughter

    Got that call last week from my daughter and son in law to help watch our granddaughter. Of course couldn't turn them down so we are here until tomorrow. Pray everyone is as good as can be. Jeff

  • LivinginNH
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    Hi Pepe,
    I am actually where

    Hi Pepe,

    I am actually where my aviator is showing - Newport Rhode Island.  :).  I've been helping my friend and her husband in getting his mom's house ready for summer. LOTS of chores to do.  I haven't worked this hard, even around my own house, in years!  It was a beautiful day here though, and this area is so pretty, so it was worth the trip. But I'm certainly going to think twice about coming down here for what I thought was going to be some relaxation! :D   

    Have a nice weekend everyone.


  • Annabelle41415
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    Went to our oldest granddaughters graduation today.  Wow do we feel old :)  Went to church tonight and tomorrow is rest day and planting the rest of my flowers.  We have so many mosquitos though so I'll see how they cooperate tomorrow - or not.  It's rained here for the last couple days so if it rains tomorrow - it's cleaning and laundry, however, I'd rather much be in the yard.  Hope everyone's weekend is great.


  • AnnLouise
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    At our family lake house with my 17 year old son and two friends. They are having fun kayaking, fishing, frisbee while kayaking, golfing,being 17 year olds. Fun for me to sit back and enjoy them......and feed them!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend and my thoughts are with those having a hard time....~ Ann

  • jen2012
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    Quiet...hot weekend here with
    Quiet...hot weekend here with no AC..so not doing much! Visiting with family Sunday.