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Mwee (Maria), how are you doing?

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Maria, I was wondering how you are doing these days?  Can we do anything for you?  How's the family?


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What is up...still on chemo?  Miss your posts ....val

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miss you too.

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(((((HUGS)))) Thanks for thinking of me and I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Yup, still chemoing each month, but staying stable so it's all so worth it. Celebrated my 7 year survival in May......... wahoo!

I worry sometimes about posting. I don't want to discourage newbies to the site who are struggling to deal with their diagnosis, surgeries and aftertreatments. It can all be so overwhelming and life changing. I don't want to add to their fears of "oh, no, what if it comes back?" At the same time, I think it's important to show that many more of us are managing to live and even thrive if we recur. How do you feel about this?

                                                         love you guys!    Maria



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I'm not a newbie, but I'm not as far as you.  I need to know about your experience.  I've made it through the diagnosis shock, the initial chemo, surgery, the IV/IP chemo.  I have not been told I am NED,  I fear I may be recurring, I don't know what it is like to be chronic.  I need to know what it is like to live with OCA.  I need you to be on this discussion board.


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Joined: Sep 2011

Thanks so much for checking in and congratulations on your seven year anniversary.  I truly appreciate your concerns for the newbies but I too feel it is important to show that one can survive and thrive while being on long-term chemo.  Because of you and other survivors, I am not living each day, sweating with knees shaking, fearing a recurrence.  If I have a recurrence, I will deal with it and do what needs to be done to kick cancer's butt.  I want to remain NED (no evidence of disease) of course but at the same time, I am not living with crippling fear. 

You are part of this family and we care about you and want you to stay connected to this board.



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We need to hear from you! We care about how you are doing and you give us all hope! Hugs!

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and 7 years is amazing!

I agree with the others that everyone benefits from sharing in your journey. There is no need to sugarcoat anything and OVCA newbies have to get realistic fast and retire rosy glasses.

There is no point in sharing if it is not 100% truth, good or bad.

Good to have you back Maria!

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Good, bad, neutral. This isn't a disease that you conquer once and for all....only a few of us will never have a recurrence, so I really want to hear how you and others mange this is disease. I am grateful each day for my remission but know that one day I will likely deal with a recurrence. Hope you will continue to pot!


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