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Suggestions for doctor at Dana Farber/Brigham & Women's ??

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My cousin was diagnosed with colorectal cancer last September and has been receiving treatment locally in Rhode Island. She has had a recurrence and is seeking an opinion in the Boston area. Can anyone recommend an oncologist that they have had a good experience with or know is well known? A little background info...my cousin had successful sugery to remove the tumor followed by FOLOX chemo and directly following treatment she was found to have a mass on her ovary, which was removed and found to be metastasized colon cancer. Her case is somewhat unique as this occurs in a small percentage of patients, she is 32 years old. We initiated contact with Dr. Ronald Bleday, any other opinions on doctors in Boston would be appreciated, especially if anyone who reads this has had recurrance in the ovary. Thank you. 

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Paul Sugerbaker MD is one of the Best Surgeon/Oncologists in the country.  Sometimes it is worth one's time and effort to get an oppinion from the best.   I went and saw JH Lenz MD ay USC. He reocmmended Sugerbaker MD and Lowe  MD (UCSD) as two of the very best surgeon Oncologists in the country. 


Best Always,  mike

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I feel that choosing the facility and team who would care for me has been the most important decision I have made in this cancer journey.  I live in Boston and worked in healthcare. Boston is blessed with terrific medical resources. I chose the Tucker Gosnell Gastroenterology Cancer Cemter at Mass General Hospital. Dr. Larry Blazkowsky is my oncologist. He has been highly skilled, accessible, thorough, open, a good listener, positive, honest, a partner. He has done a wonderful job of communicating with others on my health care team. I have been going to MGH for 3 years and do not have a single complaint. I am not known for being easily pleased!  Never having ovarian involvement, I can't comment on that experience. I am sure if you inquire, they would suggest the appropriate staff person.  

This is my experience. Others have wonderful experience at Brigham, Dana Farber, and Tufts here in Boston. It is highly personal but well worth putting effort into this decision. 

Best of luck. 

Cathleen Mary



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If you want Dana Faber - Thomas Abrams - medical and gastro oncologist, excellent doctor.


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