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Couldn't Resist :)

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I saw this article today on MSN and just had to share. I apologize in advance if it offends anyone. I just found it to be quite amusing and interesting whether it's true or not. Regardless, I'm thinking some preventative therapy might be in order ;)



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My husband will be thrilled. :0

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Hi T,

Don’t get me started.

This must be for the girls because most guys know this, just like if you are in a swimming pool you can’t get ……………. 

It is nice to see you are up and around and in devilish good spirits.  You are a real “hands-on” kind of guy.

Peace ladies,


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To share a comment from that site: “Hope they don’t come out and say this is good for testicular cancer.”’

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your answer had me blowing rootbeer out my nose...LOLOLOLOLOL.

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Always good to stay a breast of current medical information... They tend to travel in pairs also...


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humor is the best medicine, you made me laugh hard at this.


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Wondering how this can be incorporated into a First Aid class....Laughing

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"T" I think your made Matt not so civil. I could get all kinds of jiggy with this but I think I'm going to grab a cold one (no not a breast) and sit back and watch the show.

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Anyone not comfortable with self massage or does not have a willing partner may contact me. I will take one for the team ( LOL) the things we must do to keep this forum together - good lookin out T 

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