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A Success Story

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We need a good story and I was lucky enough to stumble over one the other day.  I was listening to Desert Island Discs, a BBC radio show available as a podcast.  The weekly guest gets to name 7 songs that he’d take with him to a desert island plus a book and a luxury.  In between the musical selections, the guest talks about his life.

So I was listening to a show from 2010 and the guest was a gentleman named Jimmy Mulville—no one I’d ever heard up, but apparently behind some of England’s best comedies, e.g. Father Ted.  The show was moving along when the interviewer brought up Mulville’s ‘illness’ and asked him about it.  Back in ’01, he noticed an enlarged lymph node in his neck.  It was SCC located on his tonsil. He got the standard treatment of the era and is now a long long-term survivor.  The link will give you the British tabloid version, but the key thing is that it’s now 2013 and he’s flourishing. 

For anyone who’s starting out or is in recovery or whose knees are knocking with each MRI or PET, be encouraged.   Awful treatment, but that light at the end of the tunnel is the sun.


Best to all.



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To me this was a good story about someone I knew that recently was diagnosed with throat and tonsil cancer.  He was 79 when diagnosed and went through 19 rads and 6 months worth of chemo.  He lost 30 lbs, but now almost a year later has gained all but five lbs back.  Doing well! Had most of his taste back within 8 months.  Hope that this inspires those fighting this type to keep fighting.  One day soon you will be in his shoes!

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Good story thanks for sharing

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