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Ding, Ding, Ding

robswife87's picture
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Joined: Mar 2013

of the bell. 

Done with all the crap, now on to heal. 

He is real tired and sore but ready to start climbing the hill soon.

Thank you for everyone here. Your thoughts, prayers and suggestions got us through this.


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Congrats on finishing treatment! Now onto healing! Hang tough for a few more weeks and you'll see a world of difference.


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congrats on getting to ring that bell!!!  


Hope he can rest and will heal quickly.  VERY happy for you both!!

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What a way to start the week-end, ding, ding, ding, congratulations. I will ring my bell for you.

What did you do with your mask?  I know a guy who knows a guy who will pay good money for one (provided there are eye holes).

See what happens to you when you sit in the front row of Skiffin’s class on “abi-normal”.  Well welcome to the club the initiation keeps out the rift raft.

Heal on,


robswife87's picture
Posts: 208
Joined: Mar 2013

The mask is sitting on the kitchen table at the moment.

Has eye hole and mouth cut out. 

To be slightly abi-normal myself it has a mouth hole that kind looks like a blow up doll. Sorry

I wanted to take it out back and shot it with a couple guns. LOL But you never know when a mask could come in handy


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Posts: 1216
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I had to smile when I read about shooting the mask. I have mine on a shelf and I'm waiting for the appropriate moment to take it out and blow it to smithereens with a 12 gauge!  Hmmmm... maybe to celebrate my first NED :) There's a goal to shoot for (gun...I mean pun intended).


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Road hard and put up wet.....

Time to heal, time to reflect, time to recover..., time to live.

Best ~ John

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Well done, Rob and Sandy...time to put your dancing shoes on, and take a swing around the kitchen!! 

I'm sure he's darn tired, but tomorrow morning, he won't be waking up facing rads....he can lounge in bed....get up and kick back in his lounger....even wear his jams all day if he wants....LOL.

Congratulations, you two.....


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Done with the daily trips for rads. Remember the rest of the day goes the same as does a few more ahead. Go easy on yourself and give at least two-three weeks of "holding pattern" to be just fine. I don't think it is any time to slack off whatever is now your daily routine, just keep that going and listen/feel for the next set of changes; hopefully, for the better, but prepared you may need to amp up some therapies to stay on top for b ti longer. Congrats! don

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Our experience has been that it does get worse, at least it has for a this week. But that 6 weeks went surprisingly fast and I think the post-treatment period should go fast too!


Hang in there!


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Boy did time fly. Maybe not for you and Rob. Great job. Heal on.

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Glad your finally ringing the bell. I'm picturing him walking in the door, throwing the mask on the table, and saying, "I'm tired, going to bed" (Like someone who's worked a double shift over and over).

The way you read it off about the mask on the table made me visualize something like that...LOL. 

Keep in mind the next couple weeks he will still be "cooking" and will still feel some tough pain, but it will gradually let up. Remind him of that when he starts to feel like it's not getting any better.

Best to you both...


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