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Social Security

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Nana b
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I finally said heck with it and applied for Social Security Disabilty on May 9th, Today, I got approved.  That was processed faster then I ever antcipated.   Still have to wait 6 months but going on State Disablity for now.  Ive been a year on chemo, my hands and feet are purple, just need to take some time and get healthy.  CEA is still creeping up, I'm on Xeloda and have had 2 Avastin infusions, CEA still went up 10 points.  Another CT in 3 weeks.  


We shall see! Hope you all are doing good!  As good as we can be! 

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Good for you.  You have been fighting and trying to work for so long and now it is time to say enough.  Not its your time.  Get yourself on a healthy path, and to *&$ with working.  Financially it can be a hit but it has a way of working itself out. 

Best Wishes - Tina

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I just logged on after not being on in awhile. 


I am really happy for you.  I receive disability for myself n my children

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