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Cryoablation for kidney cancer

B in Indiana
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A couple of weeks ago I had a 2cm malignant tumor removed by percutaneous cryoablation.  For now, the scans show that the tumor was completely froaen and the outlook is good.  My concern is that I have had a consistent swelling (the sizes of an eggplant) starting at my waist and going almost to the navel.  I am also completely numb in this area.  Even though it is numb, it is also very painful.  The skin is numb but underneath hurts.  The surgery was done through my back.  The doctor said that he has no idea why I am experiencing this.  He thought that perhaps some nerves had been damaged.  He prescribed Ibuprofen 3 and also Gabapentin which is used in eplileptic patients to control their seizures.  He said it would decrease the pain of the nerve endings.  The CT scan does show that part of the spleen was also frozen due to the proximity of the organ.  Not sure if that would have anything to do with my side effects?

So my question is:  Have any of you had percutaneous cryoablation?  Have you experienced any swelling or numbness afterwards?  If so, how long did it last and what did you take/do to make it feel better?

Appreciate your thoughts.

B in Indiana

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Hi B,

I hope you are doing well.

I saw an old posting back in 2013 regarding your post cryoablation symptoms of swelling in tummy area beginning at waist (size of eggplant) and numbness. Did you ever find out what the cause was because I am experiencing similar. I had percutaneous cryoablation a week ago? Please advise..thanks Carmen

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