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I'm the a kid on the block.  I was told by my urologist, after a CT scan. that I probably have kidney cancer.  I had been urinating blood for a few months.  Sunday the blood stopped.  Today it's back.  Is this normal?

Because of other health issues, any surgery can not be done.  So, the urologist can not tell me the type or size of the cancer.  I return in July for another scope (bladder cancer) and CT scan.

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This is a little over my head.  I am sure there are others here who will be able to respond to your questions more accurately.  You have come to one of the most caring groups of people I have ever been involved with, and I'm 66 years old!  LOL

This is a great place for questions, sharing postive andnegative information, a place to cheer, apla e to rant, and a place to allow yourself to vent when there's no place else.

I am sorry for your situation and I'm one voice out of a bunch here who will listen and support you however I can.

I wish you peace and patience.


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Thanks, Michael.  I, too, am 66.

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I have a 2cm growth on one of my kidneys. It was found when I went in because I was urinating blood. They thought it was kidney stones but surprise, it's RCC! Blood in the urine is a symptom of RCC from what I have read. I didn't have surgery and the blood would come and go in the urine. I've just started my second month of Votrient and the occurances of blood in my urine have decreased dramatically.

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Hi Earl,

Very sorry that life has landed you here, but welcome to the club just the same. They should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of the size and if it has spread from the CT, its at least worth asking about.  Since surgery is out, what about a biopsy?  Are you consulting an oncologist?  Would your other health issues stop you from trying one of the drug therapies available like Votrient?  There are several members here having success with it and its side effects seem more manageable than some of the other possibilities.  You might also check out Gerald White's MAARS program which uses your brain and guided imagery to help your imune system identify and destroy cancer cells, it is inexpensive and has helped many here as well.  Keep us posted, the gang here will help any way they can.

Good luck and Godspeed,


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While I don't have statistical proof that it's actually doing anything in regards to the cancer, I can attest to it helping me get into a good mental state. I listen to the audio tracks while laying in bed at night and it definitely helps me to relax and fall asleep while my immune system is busy attacking this unwanted guest inside my body.

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Hi. The bleeding can come and go. I had one incidence one night in December of 2011. Then no more until December 2012. My doctors just shrugged after the first incidence (they did a urinalysis which turned up negative for blood about a month later). The second incidence lasted 2 days and was accompanied by flank pain (the first was pain free). I passed some blood clots at the end of 2 days, and then I had no more bleeding after that. 3 weeks after that I had my right kidney removed. (The second incidence led me to the ER and a CT scan finding the tumor).

By the way, the location of my tumor made them think that it could possibly be transitional cell carcinoma of the kidney, which is basically bladder cancer in the kidney. It turns out there are those types of cells not only in the bladder, but also in the ureter and in part of the kidney. I'm sure your urologist could comment on that. I hope you're seeing a urologic oncologist that is very familiar with tumors of the kidney. If not, I'd seek out a consult with one. Transitional cell carcinoma is more easily treated with other methods like chemo and radiation than renal cell carcinoma is. It's a better diagnosis (if there is such a thing). I mean to say it has a better prognosis. You need to see an oncologist, not just a urologist. Bladder cancer can spread to the kidney.


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I had a tumor removed from my bladder last year and had my lung collapse.  I awoke to being on a respirator for five more days.  That cancer came back and they think I would not survive another surgery   Basically, I've been told there is nothing they can do.  I have multiple heath issues and it a guessing game as to which will kill me.  I asked about chemo and they said they weren't sure what type of cancer it was.

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