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 I had a concerning ultra sound. I am due to have a  total hysterectomy at the end of July for adenomyosis and pcos so my Ob/Gyn decided to do a ultrasound.  My right ovary was normal but my left ovary was significantly bigger.  No one wants to hear a ob/gyn say "What is that? I wonder what that is?  I've never seen this before? I can't wait to get in there to see what is going on" That's exactly what I heard. My doctor went on to say my ovary was on top of my uterus and much bigger then my right. She looked concerned but noticed I was concerned.  So she made a joke.  She remembered I donated a kidney   She said my lefty ovary was mimicking my kidney. I think she was just trying get my my mind off of what she just blurted out.  She took several pictures and said because I was having a hysterectomy very soon she didnt want to order other test and left things at she'll see me in 6 weeks for a follow up on medication and to pencil in my surgery date and time. I did sneak a peak at my folder when she went to clip the ultra soundBecause because I saw her write something.  At the bottom I saw a note saying oncology consult.   I am here to ask the woman diagnosed with dysgerminoma  how the doctor discovered they had it?  Did it start with a ultrasound? Cat scan? MRI? Will I have to wait for my hysterectomy?  I am sticking to my motto "hope for the best but expect the worse" I just feel like there is something wrong and I can't shake it. I am never like this I always have a rational mind.  

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What an experience! Ugh!  But don't panic.  You need your rational side to rule.

You deserve to know what your OB is thinking, and you deserve not to wait 6 weeks in fear and worry.  Think about this plan of action:  Call the OB's office and say, I'm not happy with the plan we made.  I would like to know if you think this might be cancer.  If you think that is possible/likely, I would like a CT scan and CA125 ordered now.  I would like the opportunity to consult with a GYN-oncologist prior to surgery.  So, I need you to level with me and be honest about what you think this is.

and seriously don't panic until you have more information.  Stay calm and push, push, push until you are satisfied with the answers.

And please let us know what happens.  Prayers for you!

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