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2nd chemo down and onc gave me good news!

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I was a few hours into my 2nd infusion when my onc appeared.  She was beaming and asked if I had seen my numbers.  I said no, what is it?  25 she said.  I said, 25!  You mean down from 171.  She said no the result before my first chemo was 191.  I guess I didn't get that result.  I asked jokingly, can we stop with this chemo?  She said we can look at four.  

I will keep this good news in mind tomorrow, the dreaded day 3 when I am sure to wake up with a foggy head and sick stomach.  I think I can muddle my way through it a little easier this time.


Karen  Laughing

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Karen, I'm doing the happy dance for you!!  What a humongous drop down to the normal range!  Clearly the chemo is kicking your cancer's butt and I'm so glad this means fewer rounds.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the side effects aren't as bad for you.  The end is in sight and you are almost at the finish line!



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And how nice of the oncologist to deliver the news herself!

but you shouldn't have to suffer a sick stomach! Tell your nurse you need more for N&V.  There are lots of options.  You shouldn't have to have N&V.

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just the general "ickiness" and as my onc calls it "foggy head."  I also had severe aching in my bones.  Luckily I felt better in a couple of days so it's not bad.

I also have an appt on 6/06 for a stress test, ekg and echo for the atrial fibrillation and an appt with the cardiologist on 6/11 to go over results.  I am convinced the a/f has gone away because I don't have the symptoms I had.  I hope I am right.


Thanks for all your kind words and good wishes ladies, you're the best.


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CA125 going down by 50% after one round is already an indication that chemo is working. Your result is beyond awesome. Basically you're NED after just one chemo.

Hopefully A/F was just a fluke and will never come back.

Stay strong and feel better 

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Glad you are getting good results!  I have learned that good news for me always seems to make the side effects less impactfull.  Funny how that works.

I am like "Ok as much as my marker is down - well heck yea I can handle this!"  Seems to make it all more worth it!

Keep your chin up!  I was diagnosed at 3C nearly 6 years ago (will be officially 6 on July 10) and I am still here and kicking!



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What a difference a good responce will make in how we can tolerate the chemo. We are on similar chemos and my numbers have gone up instead of down, but I am hopeful that the next set of numbers will be better and if not my dr  said she will try something else. Your house sounds lovely I hope you feel better enough to enjoy it soon.


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