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Soy Lecithin

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I am having Tamoxofin daily after right breast masectomy.

i was told that Soy and Soy Supplements should be avoided as they encourage growth of estrogen.

i am an avid chocolate lover but find that ALL Chocolates have Soy Lecithin in them...what do I do?

does anyone knw of any brand of chocolate without this?

thanks...have a great day!

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I am sure there is some out there in unusual shops or perhaps on line.  A little soy really won't do you any harm.  Shouldn't worry too much.  On line is bound to have some distributors or tell you of the healthiest brand.  Dark chocolate, a little of, is good for you.

Pink Rose
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It's hard to not get some soy in our diets.  My oncologist told me to just try and watch it and I do.

Hugs, Rose

Lynn Smith
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I like Reese Cups.I just checked and their is Soy Lecithin.Doesn't tell how much.Just the ingredient.With that I don't think to much.

I was drinking Ensure a couple years ago.I was wanting to gain a few pounds and thought this would be a quick way. Even though I knew we shouldn't eat soy.I just wanted a few lbs9people were commenting about my weight lossj.I did mention the Ensure to the doctor and she said NO.It has soy.I think the ensure is loaded with soy but a small candy bar isn't as bad. Never tells you how much soy and how much of the other ingredients are in what we eat. The candy bars I eat but the Ensure I quit drinking.Glad it was just a few weeks.My doctor did say moderate soy(like a cookie) is fine 

Like someone said Everything we eat has soy.I look at the labels I know. The only healthy things would be fruits and vegetables. Meats also.

There is a family history of Breast Cancer.4 of us have been dx.A very high risk. My cancer was DCIS non invasive and Stage 0 but I need to be careful. 

Lynn Smith 


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