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Dr suggested Wellbutrin ? Any comments on this medication?

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A friend of mine took it to quit smoking/mild depression and had a terrible time with it. She became moody and angry all the time. She was nervous and couldn't sleep. She stayed on it for a few months and finally stopped because she and everyone around her was miserable. She joined a gym and made a few other lifestyle changes and is doing well.

Thats all I know, sorry.

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I remember getting really  bad headaches from it.  Are you considering it to quit smoking or to help with anxiety?  If it's the later, Ativan worked better for me.


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Lizdeli, I dont smoke :) Dr said this is good for the sex drive after being radiated in the female areas. And I have been feeling a bit down due to some after side effects. I am having horrible pain when trying to have intercourse and so I have been very worried about it. So now I am taking premerin vag cream and also trying the wellbutrin to see if this will ease the pain. I may have to do some vaginal theropy as well. Even though the dialators are keeping me where I need to be, my pain may be due to some scar tissue up inside from radiation :( I also am still having a lot of gassy pain in tummy and still weird stools. So also trying the probiotic pearls complete, to help with that issue. I am so tired of hurting and being sad because of it. So I am trying to make myself better :)


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I have a sibling who has taken wellbutrin for depression for many years.  She says she could not live without it.

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jcruz, I have heard great things about it, so giving it a shot for a while :)

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Wellbutrin is a central nervous system stimulant usually given for depression. A lot of people get anxious, short tempered and moody from it. I was taking it in the past for depression, but combined with Prosac for anxiety. The combination was great. Turned out my deperssion was from my bad marriage and since we divorsed 8 years ago I haven't been depressed at all, even during and after my fight with cancer.

Don't expect miracles from a medication. Working on ourselves and our relationships go a long way.

All the best for you,


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