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I need info about Cysts on the Liver information

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I am 21/2 years cancer free with great blood work and the Ovarian ultrasound was good. I usually have cysts but not this time...although they saw them on my liver. My liver enzymes are great...my WBC's are at the very low normal range. 

Why the heck am I so scared??? I am taking milk thistle and detox tes. ALso Dortor OZ's green drink.


ANyone have any similar situations out there and what are you doing about it. 




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I just had a ct scan Saturday. My lesions are gone, but now there is a cyst. He said that cysts on the liver and kidney are not unusual. He was not at all worried about it. My liver function test was good a month ago and he did another one Friday that I will get back this Friday. I also had cysts on both kidnys which he said was common.
So if he isn't worrying neither am I.


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Megan M
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I am not in this situation Patrice, but, want to wish you good luck and to say it is normal to be scared.  I think we all get scared for any change in our body, even a new little pain.

Keep us updated!


Cindy Bear
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I just wanted to say that I too have heard that it is very common to have cysts on the liver... and since your liver enzymes are good , it's probably nothing but it's natural and normal to be scared. I would reccommend you get a copy of your test results for yourself to see exactly what is stated,  I only say this because my mother's dr. was not forthcoming with information.  Keeping you in my thoughts,


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