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CCG-550 Protocol

April F
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I was diagnoised with NHL at the age of 17 in 1982. I was told at the time this protocol was the only chance I had of survivoral. The long term effects have been one thing after another. It started with lung problems such as fibrosis and 7 pneumothoraxes. The tumor was growing around my heart and covered my entire chest. I now have reduced heart function and will need my valves replaced one day. Neuropathy is the latest problem which painful and hard to deal with. I do know that I am so blessed and thankful to be 30 years and 5 months cancer free.  I get asked all the time....if you knew Chemo would cause this type of damage would you still have taken it? I hate that question. I would not be here today and have 4 children without it. I am looking for others who took this protocol.


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I did not take that protocol.  But I wanted you to know that I feel like you do- chemo is a life giving poison - that's how i look at it.  The collateral damage that it causes is terrible, painful and exhausting.  But without it... well there is the answer to that question.  I want to LIVE - so if the experts say do "this" I'm doing it.  And I always get atleast a second opinion to be sure I'm getting the best and least harmful drug out there.

I wish you only the best.  I am sure others will join in this convo and hopefully someone that took that protocol will chime in.



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