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will voice come back?

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Hi My hubby was diagnosed on march 27 and he has had radiation and chemo.He still has his hair but has lost most of his voice,He struggles to talk.It doesnt help that im 40% deaf in my left ear.Its been a hard raod so far but we r enjoying our little break here.dont go back to hospital till june 17th for a ct scan then the doctor on the 24th.He is doing really well is starting to be able to eat whole foods again I was blending and chopping most food.he got tired of milkshakes after 4 weeks,But tonight he had goulash and that was with elbow macaroni!! last night ribs and baked fries! hes very happy.He does realize hes very weak and has to take it easy so not to hurt himself which he did last week golfing.But he says he would rather have lost his hair than his voice.My grandsons are a little scared of him talking.the older one is ok and the 3 year old dont care but the 7 year old doesnt understand whats happening.So we were told it would come back after radiation.only been 6 days.any body on this site experience this? We are lucky to live 20 minuts from one of the 50 best cancer hospitals in the US.Roswell Park Institute.please let me know any thoughts or ideas. We will be married 40 years in sept.Hope to do something fun.! as a side note its been a little difficult for me that i work with a lady whos husband died from this cancer very quickly.Shes a good person but that can scare a person too.thanks again God Bless everyone on this site


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