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New look

CypressCynthia's picture
Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

New short red wig.  What do you think?  Kind of fun for summer :-)

Clementine_P's picture
Posts: 516
Joined: Feb 2011

You look Mahvelous!


justme32213's picture
Posts: 53
Joined: Mar 2013

Oh my goodness cynthia, you look charming, sweet, a lil sexy too heeeee ( huggsss). I go for my wig consultation next week, Im not sure what kinda look I want. Im kinda liking no hair cos I have such a pretty head....

peanutcat's picture
Posts: 104
Joined: Mar 2011


Looks great. The wigs help a lot don't they. I know I wore mine when it wasn't to hot.



Posts: 382
Joined: Nov 2012

Hi CC,

Boy I hope you feel as good as you look!!  You look amazing!


mollyz's picture
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Joined: Sep 2010

THis looks wonderful on you,wow im really impressed. it looks so natural. go ahead sexy lady this is definitly you.~~MollyZ~~

Posts: 653
Joined: Oct 2012

Looks good.

lintx's picture
Posts: 691
Joined: Sep 2012


The color is great for you!  Linda

jamiegww's picture
Posts: 384
Joined: Dec 2009

It looks fantastic on you.  You look so young and in love with life!  Thanks for sharing that with us.



Posts: 95
Joined: Apr 2013

You look fantastic in your new wig!!! 

aisling8's picture
Posts: 1618
Joined: Feb 2010

that you'd look so great as a redhead?? Honestly, CC, it really suits you.

I'm sorry for the reason you're experimenting with wigs, but, wow, you look hot and sassy:)



camul's picture
Posts: 2541
Joined: Dec 2010

Would never know that was not your own hair. Really suits you well!

camul's picture
Posts: 2541
Joined: Dec 2010

Doulbe post!

Posts: 76
Joined: Mar 2013

You look like you are in your thirties, I hope you feel well now.

hope67's picture
Posts: 181
Joined: Apr 2013

and have no idea what your natural color was. This one looks totally you! Very nice!


coco2008's picture
Posts: 420
Joined: May 2013

You look great as a red head. 

Posts: 1191
Joined: Dec 2010

I finally see your red wig today!! Your hair looks fabulous!! I really like the sexy new do!!

SIROD's picture
Posts: 2199
Joined: Jun 2010

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

kmenurse's picture
Posts: 223
Joined: Apr 2013

Great color and style for you... 

Double Whammy's picture
Double Whammy
Posts: 2803
Joined: Jun 2010

You look absolutely stunning.  I think when your real hair comes back, you should have it colored and styled just like this!  It's fabulous.


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New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009


Actually I have a questions about high AST and ALT, how do you handle it should I PM you?

my ALT 286, any tips rather then wait and see?


fauxma's picture
Posts: 3581
Joined: Dec 2008

Love the color and cut.  It really suits you.  Perhaps at the return of hair you can go with this on a permanent basis.  It is super cute.

CypressCynthia's picture
Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

New Flower, when my AST and ALT went up, we stopped my statin.  However, the cardiologist patiently explained why he thought the statin had nothing to do with my elevated liver enzymes.  If a statin causes liver enzymes to go up, only one of them goes up and it goes up very, very high.  Cardiologist said to talk with onc.

Of course, my oncologist ordered PET and it clearly showed the liver mets.  My ALT and AST are still high but I am hoping they will come down as my liver tumors shrink.

I guess what I am saying is, check this out further.  Breast cancer likes to go to the liver.  I don't want to scare you, but I would rather you check and out and tell me it was nothing!!!!  Sending big prayers, hugs and hope!

ladyg's picture
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Joined: Apr 2010

really good. If you hadn't told me I would never know it was a wig.



VickiSam's picture
Posts: 9085
Joined: Aug 2009

look on you, Eileen.  It looks like you are now ready to take on the WORLD!


Vicki Sam

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

I love the hair and the style.I have long thin hair and always wanted thick hair.And short.Never thought I would look good but always saw others who had this style.It's perfect. I didn't need chemo but this would be the style for me. It's very cute.  

Lynn Smith

natly15's picture
Posts: 1941
Joined: Sep 2009

Looking Marvy auntie CC - wow havent been able to get on this site in ages - Hugs to all my Pinks

PennyJ's picture
Posts: 31
Joined: Dec 2012

It really suits you!  Hope you are feeling better.  Where are you at in your chemo treatment?  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.


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