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Checking in

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Hi everyone


It's been awhile since I said hello. I try to read through the posts everyday.

I've been busy flying acroos the country to deal with our business. Most likely it will be monthly for awhile.

I received the results from my latest scan, and overall things seem positive. There are a few issues that I'll deal with as I can, but hoping that I remain on this path going forward.

At least for me the fear remains in the background of my thoughts. This is new for me. I usually am really good at not having fear be present, but maybe age or just all that I have been through lately, it's there.

I see so many new folks posting and remember when I first joined. What a great group to have found and become part of.

Welcome to all who have joined and are in need of support. You have found a wonderful supportive group who will be there for you when ever you have the need.

Sending positive healing thoughts to those who continue to fight hard and sending continued happy thoughts to all of you who have conquered the challenge.

Super big hugs to all



PS Sending positive thoughts to our friend Liz, hoping you are safe and dry....

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Hey Lisha - it's always good to hear from you.  I'm glad you are doing better with some things.  I hope you try to sneak some pleasure in on those business flights. 

I've been trying to do some work on my yard but am having to do it in bits and pieces because I get tired quickly but it is coming along - slowly :).

Super big hugs back to you,


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Glad you are feeling good enough for those flights.  That says a lot.  Yes, getting older has its drawbacks doesn't it?  So glad all looks good though.  Thanks for checking in and your kind words for all of us.  We all think of you too.  Hope you get to settle down soon but in the meantime......Happy flying.  Becky

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Hi Lisha,

I'm happy to hear that you're doing better...wasn't sure if you were talking to me but in any case I'm doing very well :D I feel good there's always some pain that never really goes away but I really can't complain! The weather here in El Paso is dry and hot.. Getting close to 100's geesh sometimes I really don't like summer...well we're never happy if its cold (it's to cold and vise versa)! Enjoying life and everything that comes with it :) Take care of yourself and really nice to hear from you! SUPER BIG HUGS to you!



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So glad that you had a moment to be able to and feel well enough to post...Hopefully everything is going well and the business aspect is allowing you to relax a little bit. I remember reading previously that you were so wiped out from treatments and had to travel alot for your business, I hoping that this is tapering off for you. YOU ARE A WARRIOR!!!




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