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Sirspheres update

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Hi all
First right liver lobe treatment went well last Thursday. Procedure for injection takes an hour after meds then about 2-3
hours for recovery. Groin was not sore like it was after mapping. Less "fishing " the area the nurse explained.
I didn't take any pain meds after the procedure and was prepared to.
However, had a lot of constipation and prov should have taken a stool softened or more fluids.
Had plans to camp the following day and went. I survived and enjoyed the tent excursion but it was quite cold in the Chicago area. It was a good way for me to kick off the spring since last year I was recooperating from a second surgery and Xelox chemo regime.
I see my oncologist and Interventional Radiologist in two weeks.
I do get concerned not being on chemo but trying to take each day hour by hour for now.
This procedure is easy compared to my two lung surgeries and the scarey one....brain tumor surgery (the decadron and knowing prognosis, of course is so scary) but I try not to dwell on it. I only take Keppra for seizure control. Also, a pro something to protect stomach and had a prednisone pack for six days.
I will keep you updated and hope this helps someone if this it is an option.
I haven't had fever but a little fatigue after and still could. That is the biggest side effect....
Wellness to all
I have an mri the second week of June. Have had no motor or cognitive difficulties yet.
Working full -time.....feel fortunate./

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How many treatments do you to have on each lobe? If Steve chooses this treatment option, we have to pay $15000 per treatment.

Thanks for the info. Glad you're feeling good.


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I have one treatment to each lobes. I am not sure how many tumors are in each but they are small.
I will have more questions and answers after I see both doctors in two weeks.
My insurance is covering the cost but we will see what the actual bill is soon.
I work at the hospital I am being treated at now.

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Hi Barb,

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well after that treatment. Now get some well needed rest, and update us again when you feel up to it.

Take care,


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