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My Dad Passed Away on Sunday

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My Dad passed away on Sunday morning.  The pain is unbearable.  I can't stop crying.  i have to do the eulogy and I can't remember any of the good times.  There were so many but they are blocked right out of my mind.  I can only remember his last 15 months with cancer.  Did this happen to anyone else?

Making matters worse today would have been his 73rd birthday.  All of his siblings are dead, same with my mom's.  In terms of family there's just me and my mom and a few cousins.  I'm literally begging them to attend his service or even to go online and post a message on his memorial page.   I'm so mad.  They were never shy when they wanted a favour.  Their neighbours are more interested in attending.  

I should be strong for my mom but I'm a wreck.  

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I am so sorry for your pain.  Having read what you wrote here it reads as though you have an excellent sense of dedication to family. Maybe you could start with how he helped develop that trait in you.  

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Jackie 1940 my sweet husband pass 2 years ego and sometimes I cry for hours just remembering the life he had the last 2 years of his life, he was in hell, he was torture by the medicine he took, I do not want to remember,but sometimes we can`t helped, Just think that your Dad does not have pain anymore, he is smiling to you from heaven.


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It is hard to come us with words at times like these. I would not fault anyone for being at a loss of words. Rick.

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jackie,, if you or your mom have a photo album, it may help.  When my dad past of congestive heart failure back in 2004, it made a difference.  I looked at times I had with my dad and my sons had with him.  Christmas pictures with him wearing the Santa cap, etc..  Riding the boys around the yeard in a wagon attached to his lawn tractor, etc... The bad started to fad of the last horrible months.  I began to cling to the pictures and the happier memories.  This will get better, I hope..  It did with me.  Unfortunately, the crying and grieving will take time to pass.  I am sorry to hear about your cousins, but don't let that bother if you can.  Just like dealing with the disease,,  try to keep the positive in mind.    

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I'm so sory for your Lost. Just trust in God and he will provide. Remember God didn't do this to your Father the Devil did. But now he is in Gods loving arms and is in no more pain.

I just lost a cousin a few days ago to Cancer and she was just 1 year older than me (she was 59). I pray God gives you streagth through this sad time for you.

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