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Hanging in there. WBC 1.7

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Well, neutropenia again but, at least WBC is >0.5...Lol.  Also have thrush again.  I have had minimal fever today-yay.  Although I don't really like the way it zonks me, I took marinol yesterday and today because it really helps my appetite.  I was able to really force fluids after taking it yesterday and I think that is why temp is better.

Of course, now I have mouth sores and thrush again.  Ugh.  I never had thrush ever until last chemo.  Now I am afraid it may be a monthly chemo thing.

I have a call into onc about WBC and thrush.  Chemo nurses don't think onc will give neupogen as I just got neulasta on Friday. 

Praying I don't spike a fever and end up in hospital.  Otherwise, overall doing better.  Took a walk this am and took 2 yesterday.  Trying to regroup and build up my strength.  I really, really miss puttering in my garden, but don't dare go near it right now--all I need is poison ivy or some weird infection.

Danny has hired a neighbor boy (he calls him his little minion...Lol) to help with weeding.  He does an hour or two every day and, although he not as thorough as we are, he is doing a good job and I am lucky to have him helping.  We have 1/2 acre and it feels big right now.

Love to you all!!!

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My Oncologist prescribed Daktarin Oral Gel 3 times a day (after meals) for ten days after each chemo dose. That plus brushing my teeth after each time I ate anything (sometimes I couldn't tolerate toothpaste so I used the toothbrush and plain warm water). Those seemed to prevent mouth sores and thrush.

I hope your shots will increase your WBC soon. 

Take care.

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I'll be praying for you... CC,  I bought the Biotine to brush and rinse my mouth with as someone suggested... I also bought bottled water to have with me at all times.  And also some flavorings to mix it up a little. (MIO Liquid) they come in several flavors. God Bless!...Kathy

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I got one small mouth sore and after i started using peridex I never had another one. I got thrush with every AC , so just rinsed with nystation. i have never been prone to yeast either. It is my understanding that your counts drop with neulasta, they just come up quicker. i was in the hospital, with a low count 9and other things) doc said this was normal. I would not work out in the yard if i was you, too much stuff an immunosuppressed person could get, We love you CC

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ouch ...!!!  STUPID SIDE EFFORTS --  Darn it,  *&*()&)&)&&&&&&  bleep  Hoping you find comfort in knowing that we all adore, and LOVE you.  Did I mention you INSPIRE us to do, and be better each and everyday?

Prayers, positive thoughts and sprinkles of Angel Dust for you, Eileen.


Vicki Sam

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OK, I admit it.  I may hate marinol but it really picks up my appetite.  I ate lasagna tonight!!! First real meal in weeks (other than ensure and bits of scrambled eggs).  Danny even got me a strawberry snowball with evaporated milk for dessert...Lol.

For those who have never been to Louisiana, snow balls are NOT snow cones.  Snow balls are made of very finely shaven ice (patented machine)and they come in about 50 flavors with every topping that you can imagine.  Nothing healthy about them at all, but at least the snow ball contains fluids--right???

Temp is a little lower today--highest 99.5 today.  I am on nystatin now for thrush.  At least, I caught it sooner this time.  Onc gave me giant bottle of nystatin with refills, so I should ward off this problem from here on out.

I walked twice today (just around the block) and I am very proud of that as I know it will help me get stronger.

Keep fingers and toes crossed!!!  Thank you all for the well wishes.  I love you all!!!


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Double Whammy
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than last cycle.   I guess.   I think there is a place for marinol and I'm all for your appetite increasing because of it.  Has your nausea also improved?  I just hate that all this is happening to you, Eileen, and pray that the chemo does its job on the liver lesions.  You are certainly giving it every opportunity to do its job.

My fingers and toes are crossed. 


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Marinol has never helped my nausea.  I don't know why.  I am now on a higher dose of zofran (8mg) every 6-8 hours and that has finally stopped most of the nausea and all of the vomiting. 

I have always felt that my job as a patient is to manage the side effects.  Every drug has a side effect, but often we can figure out things to do to make the meds bearable. 

We have to keep our eye on the goal.  My goal is to whip cancer and I am determined to knock this liver mets back!

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Glad that you found something that works for the nausea and vomiting.

Keep using Marinol to increase your appetite.  I used Marinol the first time around and found it didn't do anything for my nausea but I could count all falling asleep with it.


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Thrush is such a pain. I'm glad you got to eat some food of "substance"...lol. Thinking and praying for your strength to regain and a GREAT report Cynthia.




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Sylvia, I have not tried biotene.  I have been using baking soda/salt rinse recommended by dietitian and alcohol-free mouthwash.  I will add biotene and see if it helps.  Thanks!

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