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Scans / MRI

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Hi All..  figured I would start a new topic on scans, and of course welcome comments.   For those of us with high Createnine levels, scans with contrast is not a good thing...   And there are difference in opinion on how high is too high a Createnne level.  But I have heard of several folks here make different comments, etc..  I figure those that really know will comment...

In my case, I got a scan with contrast prior to surgery to give the best look see at what was going on inside me.  Then I got first scan post surgery with half the amount of contast.  This was to get a post surgery base line.

Since then, all my scans are no contrast.   Keep in mind I get both an MRI and CT Scan at the same time to get the best idea of what is happening.  I get the full body looked at, and I have been told that the MRI works for some parts really well, and the CT other parts really well... so between the two tests the Drs get a good picture.

I should also state that all my scans are done at the same place (Stanford) and they are very particular on their testing procedures.  Often the testing takes a very long time, as if the first scan is not clear enough (I moved or breathed too heavily) they do it again until they are satisified the test is clear.

Be Well all...


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Thanks for starting this thread. I wanted to start a similar thread for a while but was too lazy Laughing.  Maybe, MedScanMan can give us some recommendataions.

I live in Canada and in my city, they do not use MRI for kidney cancer follow-up. Therefore, I can only do CT. In addition, I am allergic to iodine based contrast dye. Therefore, when I had the CT scan last year, they did not give me contrast, which I heard makes the result less accurate.  

I have this year's follow up scan coming soon. I have the choice of either a CT scan or Ultrasound of my abdomen & pelvis.

Here is several questions that I have 

(1) I could also go to a private clinic to have a MRI scan. Can this MRI replace the CT scan?

(2) If I choose the CT scan, Should I insist for contrast as I am going to get x-rayed, why not get the most accurate one?

(3) I heard that there is none iodine based contrast dye and it is less harmful to the kidney? Is it true.

I am in the process of consulting a doctor regarding these issues.

I am wondering if someone went through these issues before.

Bless you all!!!




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Following my nephrectomy about 18 months ago the urologist insisted on abdominal and pelvic MRI's and a single chest x-ray citing radiation concerns from CTs.  My oncologist, who began following me at one year, ordered an initial chest CT as a baseline and is now getting abdominal and pelvic CT scans with a standard chest x-ray.  He has me drink 3-4 liters of water per day for a couple of days following contrast injection to flush the material out of my system.  I am presently on a six-month scan schedule even though I was T2b (17.5 cm) and grade 4 (chromophobe with scarcomatoid features).  So far, so good.  I hope you are as fortunate.


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I'm in a drug trial. Initially they did a CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis as a baseline to make sure no progression. After that, I get the same thing every 18 weeks for the first year, then every six months for the second year. I think it will be yearly after that.

My doctor said if my creatinine is at or above 1.5 he will not risk contrast. It's been 1.5+ or 1.6+ the last two tests, so no contrast. I haven't had contrast since my nephrectomy.

They do make me drink something, though, for the abdominal CT. At my previous hospital they did not.

When I had a questionable spot on my femur, he ordered a nuclear bone scan to check that out.


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