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Anyone beat the lung mets?

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Hello Everyone


Are there any NEDS out there who previously have had multiple mets to the lungs?  Im looking for some inspiration....


Thanks so much

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Mets… Are they “spots” that have yet to be determined if they’re cancer, or tumors that have been proven with a biopsy?


Before you worry yourself into the grave, you should go with mom to each and every meeting with a physician, and get the information directly from that physician. All too often, a caregiver (or would-be caregiver), or a family member hears  things second-hand, and just as often, it isn’t the greatest of truth; things can get morphed when repeated. So the first thing to do, is find out exactly what the conditions are first-hand.


Get copies of all reports and tests for mom, so you both can look things over when you have some peace and quiet. She may have to sign a waiver for legal purposes, for you to get copies. She can also ask (insist) that she herself is provided with copies of everything, and then share the information with whoever she desires.


The spots can be cancer, and they can also disappear with various types of treatment, not just chemo or radiation, but there are many other types of alternative ways to cause cancer “spots” to die off. Choosing what remedy is a personal thing that only your mom will be able to choose, so do your homework well, and give her research to read. You should not make “choices” for anyone, but only supply enough well rounded information regarding the choices available.


But until you have enough information (and it doesn’t appear you have it right now), don’t worry and don’t allow mom to fear cancer so much, that she’s ready to go in whatever  direction someone tells her to.


She has time to figure out the best path, and what path her own body tells her not to go down; let her figure it out with the information you can provide, and with the confidence that she will be just fine!


She needs support, and information, not scary demands from nurses or physicians. Remember, you’re there to help.


Best wishes to you both!


(and yes, I had many “spots” on liver, kidneys, lungs, etc… Notice the word “had”)


Be well.




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or living reasonably well with lung mets being periodically treated, over a fairly long period of time.  It's important to remember that NED is not the same as being "cured"...you won't find too many of us at stage 4 using the "c" word on a regular basis.  But getting to the point of "no evidence of disease" is in and of itself a worthy goal, that can happen many times in the journey, and add years to a person's life.

You don't mention what your parent's treatment plan for these mets will be...is that still in the works?  Once you know, there will almost certainly be someone here who can give you some input.  Good luck, and keep us posted. Ann Alexandria

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I am new to the group. What is NEDs?

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NO Evidence of Disease

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I am living with Lung Mets for the last 2 years now.. and they are under control. When it comes to Mets control is key.

Some will never be cured but control is the ideal situation to have.

There are several plans of treatment and you should find out as John has advised what course of treatment has been advised and how advanced the mets have become.. = If an early catch they can be controlled - outcome can be very postive..

Don't worry till the dr says to worry is my plan..



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I had numerous mets to my lungs. It's taken many years of targeted chemo-lite (Erbitux & Irrinotecan) plus a few wedge resections then 5 RFA's (ablations) over about 5 years. I currently have no lung mets.

Much of it has to do with the location of the tumors. Mine have all been in places where they could be eradicated. Another important factor is a very good medical team behind you.

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