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Memorial Day coincidence?

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It's been nearly 3 years since I lost my beloved husband. At the time everyone told me things would get better with time. Although hard to believe it does. The pain is always there, but the memories turn to the good times rather than the bad. I've started to make a new life and have  even met someone new! But... This weekend I attended the confirmation of my niece. On the trip  home, on the ferry I looked up at the couple sitting across from me and there he was, my husband's oncologist. He immediately recognized me, was kind and went out of his way to spend time talking to me and asking how I was doing. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I spent the rest of the drive home crying. Now all I can think about is those last days. I guess it will always be there, no mater how much time passes.



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If memory serves, I remember you from the colon cancer board.  I lost my husband on October 29, 2012 so it is still so very new to me.

It is nice to see old friends  from the board.  We have lost so many in the last few years it is awful.  Almost everyone from 2009 is gone.  Its really sad and today I checked the board and there are so very many newly diagnosed.

Anyway, happy to hear you are able to move on.  Yes the tears will still come.   Just make room in your heart for new adventures and remember the old adventures fondly even if they are mixed with tears.

Best wishes - Tina

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Yes, it will be 4 years for me this Oct., and the tears still come at times. We never know what will set them off. I have learned to just accept that this is going to happen. I heard a speaker recently talking about her continuing battle with stage 4 cancer. Her story and the things she said sounded very much like my husbands's journey. Without even realizing I was crying, I felt the tears on my cheeks. We are moving forward. We are healing, but we are still grieving. i think part of us will always grieve. Take care, Fay

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