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soreness a year after finishing radiation?

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Hey friends! On June 11th it will be a year since I rang the bell. I noticed this morning that I am really sore under my tongue which is where I first started feeling soreness during radiation. That is where the tumor was so I guess where the most Rads were concentrated. Is it normal to have soreness out of the blue this long out of treatment?

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It would come as no surprise that where the heaviest radition was concentrated that a person might feel some soreness....there is also the everyday, passing things that we now pay hyper attention to that in our old lives we barely gave a thought to.  Just to be comfortable tho, maybe make an appointment with the ENT....if it goes away, you can always cancel the appointment.

It's probably nothing, but peace of mind is a big part of living good for me.....


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Before this mess started I never really felt anything to do with my tongue.  Now, if I eat the wrong thing or let the dry mouth go too long my tongue feels uncomfortable (best description I have).  Sometimes it freaks me a little and I start to get concerned, but every time the ENT looks I get the all clear signal.

I am guessing it is just residual pain, my cancer was stealthy enough that I had to wait for the lymph node to warn me.  Just in case, your 1-year checkup is right around the corner.


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Hey Meagan,

I just wrote someone else that is having issues quite awhile out of tx's.  I agree with the other's, that this is just residual effects.  We do have to stay on top of things with our ENT's, it wouldn't hurt to touch base with his/her nurse.  I think you've been such an inspiration, and wish you well !  Katie

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