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I've seen two doctors after moving from SF to the LA area. One was a general oncologist, who I figured I didn't need to see and yep, I totally didn't need to see him. I guess I had to pay him a visit, though, to enter the UCLA system for post-treatment surveillance by a H&N specialist. At any rate, he didn't do much of what he said he would, like get all my records centralized (I brought electronic versions and CDs) and he was the one who couldn't get the PET scan approved... and took almost a month to get to the point of telling me I should just have a CT instead.

Then I went to the H&N specialist, who was awesome. He gave me the all clear in terms of what he saw with the scope (which I posted about a while back) and said he knew some tricks to get the PET scan approved. They worked, and I had the scan on Friday. The tech said the results are delivered in 24 hours... but they had the first doctor down instead of the second one for the point of contact. I corrected them twice, but I'm pretty sure they're going to just tell the first doctor and then he'll take forever to let me know! I'm going to call on Wednesday if I haven't heard anything.

I feel like I've had a pretty good sense of zen about the whole thing until just now. I was super busy last week (mother in law visiting for the first time) and I'll be busy tomorrow too (first day in the office for a week). Hopefully that will keep my mind off it.

My fingers are crossed to mark the one year anniversary of ringing the bell (June 1) with NED! :-)

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Doctors who needs them (we do).  Glad you got that cleared up?

I will happily cross my fingers for you and ring my bell for your NED.

Take care,


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Every time you get a scan. The language is pretty straightforward and you will get a good idea of what is going on from the description. You can clarify any questions when you meet with the doctor. You will start to pick up on their language as you begin to accumulate and compare successive results. You should not be held captive in an anxiety prison while they figure out the record keeping. Crossing my arms and legs and ears, something only ratfaces can do.

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Positive thoughts and prayers on your upcoming scans. May NED personally greet you with the results :)



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just stay busy as you seem to be good at and before you know it you will be posting NED again.  Its nice to see you are doing well.   Doug and Diane

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about the stages of scanxiety was right on the money.  Smile  Busy helps, but this is SCANXIETY afterall, way bigger than just "anxiety"....I'm positive that you're going to find our buddy Ned waiting for you....but also know that waiting for that announcement is a heavy duty wait.  I'd be calling, too.....

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Thoughts and prayers for your good news soon...


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