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OMG...The vaginal and anal itching from these burns is driving me absolutly crazy!!!! Please help me with ideas on how to take the itching away before i scratch myself to a bloody mess!!!

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Some people find that taking Benadryl can help.  However, before doing that, consult with your doctor(s) to make sure it's okay for you to try it. 

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That was one of my worse side effects of treatment. It drove me insane. I literally punched the wall several times and it brought me to tears. I had to take a pain killer before radiation treatment, not so much to stop the itching, but to calm me down so that the itching didn't cause me to move during the treatment.  Although I went to a very reputable hospital, no one was able to prescribe anything to help the itching. I remember going for my 5 hour Cisplatin infusion and being in tears. The nurse brought me bags of ice to lay on.  It was horrible. In retrospect I wonder why I never thought of or my DOCTORS never thought of giving me benadryl or something like it. I can only think that my mind wasn't working right at the time.

I emphathize with you completely. The itching was INSANE!!

I hope you find something that helps.


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Benadryl non drowsy got me through! I developed vaginal thrush during treatment as I was on prophylactic antibiotics throughout treatment.  Fluconazole caused my ALT levels to elevateso I couldn't take them anymore. Benadryl really helped me .

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Drink water until you think you are going to float.  If you don't think you can drink enough have your doc give fluids.  I had a bag of fluids 5 days a week.  It help to dilute urine.  I also sat in sitz bath everytime I had to go. Salt and baking soda.  I also sat around on a towel in such a posture that I'm sure my husband thought he was in a french brothel.  A small fan blowing between my legs helped too.  No creams.  Stay as dry as you can and now would be a good time for drugs and prayer.  I will never forget these treatments.  Hang in there and try anything you can think of.  If it doesn't work look for something else.


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